82% of Ukrainian Students from Lvov Dream of Working Abroad



A sociological case study conducted at the Lvov National Polytechnic University revealed that 82% of Lvov students would like to work outside the Ukraine and 44% of them would also like to settle abroad.

Medical students, who travel abroad more then others strive to settle there as much as the undergraduates of the agricultural institute, who are in less demand.

Almost all future veterinarians are set to leave in search for income abroad, but the most eager would the graduates of the biggest ‘manufacturer’ of nationally ‘proficient’ human resources – students of the Ivano Franco Lvov National University, this is despite the fact that they are the least skilled and knowledgeable about working abroad than the rest.

In other words, those who most seek ‘euro integration’ least of all appreciate its real implications and for them love for the Motherland is of less significance than for the rest.

Translated by Henry Zolotoy

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