A Year Ago in Ukraine


Alexander Rogers for News-front.info
Translated from Russian by Kristina Rus

A year ago Ukraine had a bloody tyrant Yanukovych, who forbade the police to use force against the “protesters”, even when the latter tried to run over them with an excavator and burn them with Molotov cocktails. And all the “progressive community” was outraged by his bloodlust. Now in Ukraine, democratic Poroshenko is bombarding the cities of Donbass from MLRS. And the “progressive community” at best is trying to look the other way, but mostly outraged that there is not enough bombing.

A year ago, Ukraine received from Russia an insidious credit line of $15 billion under 5% per annum. Today the Ukrainian government bonds could not be sold even at 17% per annum. And Poroshenko goes around begging other countries for 2 million or even up to 600 thousand.

A year ago in Ukraine there was such terrible censorship that Yanukovych could be criticized by anyone on any channel. And today hundreds of people all over Ukraine are beaten, kidnapped, imprisoned, or were forced to seek political asylum in other countries for criticism of the new democratic authorities. By the way, the number of journalists killed last year also have grown several times.

A year ago, Ukraine received from Russia cheap gas at $268 per thousand cubic meters. There were no problems with deliveries, and underground gas storages at the beginning of the winter were full to capacity. Now gas will cost $386 (and “reverse” gas – $410 and above), provided that the Yatsenyuk government will find almost one and a half billion dollars to pay off the debts.

A year ago in Ukraine there were low utility rates. So low that officials from the IMF were envious and constantly demanded from the tyrant Yanukovych to raise it several times. The tyrant treacherously refused to obey. But the democratic maidan government obediently complies with all the requirements of the Western masters, and tariffs in all areas went up by 100-150%.

A year ago Ukraine received 42 different contracts from Russia to supply high-tech products in mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, aerospace, energy and space industry. Now “AvtoZAZ” is closed, “Yuzhmash” is shut down, shipyards in Nikolaev and Kherson are standing still, “Antonov” is on the brink of destruction, and hundreds of industrial enterprises of Donbass are destroyed by the fire of the Ukrainian artillery.

A year ago, according to Yatsenyuk, “all the warehouses were stuffed with this useless coal, there is no place to put it, and we are buying it only out of pity for the coal miners”. And now twenty-six blocks at different power stations are stopped, because there is no coal, and the shortage of electricity is already 5-6 GWT/H.

A year ago all homes had lights around the clock, and now in many cities the lights are turned on on schedule: two hours after two hours (and after it will only be worse).

A year ago Euro-integrators promised Ukrainians visa-free regime with the EU. Today it is still promised to Ukrainians, but “later”.

A year ago Ukrainians were promised foreign investment after signing the Association agreement with the EU. Now the contract is signed, and foreign investment is still promised (though not as confident). Everyone can see dozens of ultra-modern factories that are build in Ukraine by the Europeans. What, you don’t see them? Then you must be a Putin’s agent!

A year ago Ukraine had peace. And then the maidanite ultra-right militants burned Odessa citizens in the House of Trade Unions. And in another week, assembled from maidanites and criminals, national guard on APCs shot at the citizens of Mariupol going to the May 9th parade, and then under the leadership of Lyashko annihilated some local police officers. And every time “Euro-integrators” were given a free pass for the brutal mass murders, even of law enforcement officers.

By the way – about the “Russian invasions”. First Euro-integrators announced about the invasion back in February. Then in March. Then in April, May, June, July. After thirty-fifth such statement, I just stopped counting them. Especially many of them happened in August and September, when the NAF militia utterly defeated the punitive group sent from Kiev (as I warned in the beginning of June).

A year ago, Crimea was part of Ukraine, but due to torch rallies in Kiev with chants of “Muscovites to knives!” Crimean “muscovites” [Russians] decided that they don’t want “to knives”, and went to Russia, taking with them their native peninsula.

Over the past year the regime of Euro-integrators ruined relations not only with Russia (which was obvious after all xenophobic and Russophobic rhetoric of Euro-maidan), but managed to turn the EU against itself. The last visit of Poroshenko to Brussels was simply canceled because all the European bureaucrats already got tired of the endless begging of Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk.

And, a year ago there were no cities in ruins, thousands killed and hundreds of thousands of refugees, and the government didn’t write off a hundred million a day on the war.

The main (or only) achievement of Euro-maidan, its dwindling supporters call the “free elections”. Now Ukrainians are free to choose… who out of American puppets will be a formal ruler. They have a “choice” between Poroshenko and Yatseniuk, or between Yatsenyuk and Poroshenko.

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