An Elderly Man Murdered at Ukrainian Checkpoint for Refusing to Shout “Glory to Ukraine!”


Varjag_2007 – Live Journal

In Donetsk region, a local elderly resident was beaten and killed at a Ukrainian checkpoint for refusing to shout “Glory to Ukraine!” said in an interview with the Russian TV Irina Popova, a member of Novorossia Parliament.

She expressed doubts about the possibility of Lugansk and Donetsk Republics returning inside the borders of Ukraine.

“How can you explain to the families who have lost relatives and friends that they should live in unity with the executioners? They are not just killed by bombings. What have they done on those territories that were captured: Starobeshevo district, village Glinka, the border with Russia. A monument to the soldiers of the Great Patriotic War was destroyed. A resident of the neighboring village, an elderly man took some tools to repair the monument. Went by the Ukrainian checkpoint. He was stopped and forced to shout: “Glory to Ukraine!”. He refused. He was beaten so that the pathologist showed prints of army boots. He was forced to get on his knees, when he refused, they shot through his legs. Finished him off with three shots to the chest,” – said the MP.

“Tell them now that Ukraine loves them, and they should live in unity,” – said Popova.

Translated by Krisitna Rus

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