Anti-maidan Activist Victor Topchaev was Tortured to Death by Ukrainian Security Service in Kharkov


Victor Topchaev 1961-2014

Victor Topchaev, an anti-maidan activist died in Kharkov on November 26, 2014, after being arrested 4 days earlier by the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU). The coroner was forced to record “pneumonia” as a cause of death on the death certificate, but in reality Topchaev died from torture he was subjected to by Kharkov SBU agents – the corpse had a fractured frontal bone, broken ribs, and all the fingers were twisted. This was reported on Facebook by the head of the Inter-regional Fund for Employment Assistance, Alexander Alexandrovsky:

“On November 26, 2014 without regaining consciousness, while in a coma in a hospital intensive care unit,Victor Pavlovich Topchaev, born in 1961 had passed away according to the official version from pneumonia, but in reality from injuries incompatible with life. He is survived by his elderly disabled parents, and wife and son. I’m not going to ask for financial assistance, and ask to maximally distribute this post, I just want that you all know the truth about how Victor had died.

He was an Afghan vet and a man with a clear position in life and did not support the events that unfolded in Ukraine along with Maidan, he participated in the protest movement of Kharkov and on November 22, 2014 was detained by the SBU (Ukrainian Security Service). They had nothing to charge him with, and since he was never officially registered as a detainee and understanding that for another unproven “separatist” they won’t get any money, they simply decided to torture him to death, just in case he will tell anything. May be he will assume responsibility for a terrorist attack, or will give up some activist, like Apukhtin Y.M.

He was tortured for three days…. On the third day after unbearable torture, he fell into a coma. He was thrown out on the road in the area of  HTZ [Kharkov Tank Plant – ?], from where he was taken by an ambulance while in a coma and delivered to intensive care on November 25, 2014, where he never regained consciousness and died around 1 am on November 26, 2014.

When his wife was issued an official death certificate saying that he died from pneumonia, she just couldn’t believe her eyes…. Vitya [Victor] had almost no ribs left, skull cracked in the middle of the forehead!!!!! all fingers on his hands were broken and twisted in the opposite direction, the nails were ripped, the whole body – one solid hematoma!!!!

He did not give up! Did not betray! Did not slander! He died with dignity! He went through two wars, from which he emerged alive and unharmed, and no one could think that he will die on his own land, at the hands of crazed cops who sold out for the vile green. This is democracy and freedom of human rights American style.

We will remember! We will grieve! We will not forget!”

Translated by Kristina Rus for

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