Cold and Hungry: Ukrainian Units Withdraw Due to Lack of Housing; Complain About American Army Meals


Rusvesna war correspondent Steppe

The Armed Forces of Ukraine and punitive battalions continued to move equipment and personnel over the last few days.

Due to the low activity of reconnaissance and sabotage groups of  DPR army as part of the ongoing ceasefire, UAF no longer move in large columns and use frequent transport of 3-5 cars at a time. which is harder to track than a column. This tactic allows to mask their intentions and provide relative secrecy.

Ukrainian soldiers partially withdrew from Tonenkoe and Telmanovo in the North-West direction of Donetsk airport. After fortifying positions in these settlements and concentrating more than 3 thousand people, the punishers were faced with the problem of the lack of barracks and winter apartments.

According to reports, the Ukrainians failed at accomplishing these tasks, since an offensive was expected. Therefore, several hundred soldiers were now withdrawn from Tonenkoe and Telmanovo.

On the territory of Donetsk airport more than 120 of the so-called cyborgs continue to sit in the defense of the ruins.

Interruptions in delivery of food to units of UAF were reported – soldiers complain of inadequate and poor nutrition, impossibility of consuming the army meals from NATO.

POW’s reported that MRE’s are impossible to consume either due to a strong chemical taste or lack of taste, or poor health effects with regular use. “Even a starving dog wouldn’t eat this crap”, – described his attitude toward American MRE’s one of the UAF soldiers, who switched to the side of DPR.

Translated by Kristina Rus for

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