Mini-coup in Zaporozhye: Poroshenko and Kolomoisky faced off in the first half. Poroshenko is leading 1-0.


Dmitry Dzygovbrodsky –

Earlier Lyashko with a large group of activists broke into a session of the City Council of Zaporozhye and forced Zaporozhye mayor Sin to sign a resignation letter. A video recording (see below) showed the mayor telling Lyashko to go $%&$ himself. Lyashko said that from now on he will be performing the functions of mayor of Zaporozhye. 

Zaporozhye-Vinnitsa 1-0: Mayor of Zaporozhye tells Lyashko to go #$%& himself, and other non-obvious events

We can conclude that Poroshenko in a short a friendly match with Benia Kolomoisky leads 1-0.

Events in Vinnitsa were triggered by activists-fighters of “Svoboda” – this party has long been providing services for Igor Kolomoisky.

In response Poroshenko mobilized his ‘guard’ – Lyashko and his fighting…’mosiychyuks’.

Of course after an attack was arranged on the home fiefdom of Poroshenko, he had to respond. Otherwise he would demonstrate weakness.

Zaporozhye – is a mirror response. As for Poroshenko, sitting in Kiev, Vinnitsa is the second most important region. And for Kolomoisky, ruling in Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye carries the same status.

Moreover, Poroshenko needs all the strength and maximum stability during the period of Minsk negotiations. And especially after – it is necessary to clarify to the Ukrainian patriots, why Ukrainian President is negotiating with the Great Enemy, and at the same time agrees  to give up some Ukrainian interests for coal and gas.

And note that Sin (Zaporozhye mayor) knew what was going to happen two days before the event.

Kolomoisky is categorically against Minsk. He tried to negotiate with the Kremlin in the summer when he feared that he could be simply shot for his spring adventures. But in September he unexpectedly found courage, and most likely received additional assurances from overseas partners, and again descended into deep anarchy.

Now Poroshenko is struggling to negotiate with the Kremlin, while demonstrating on all ukro-channels unbreakable will to jump with a fork against a separatist T-72.

Poroshenko and Kolomoisky clashed in the first half.

Poroshenko is leading for now. Likely there will be angry FB comments from Filatov.

Don’t leave yet. After a pause for the Minsk commercial the match will continue.

Translated by Kristina Rus for 

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