French ELLE Publishes Photographs of Ukrainian Nazi Girl


Alexander Gontar – Facebook

French magazine Elle published photographs of Vita Zaverukha is a Ukrainian Nazi, a member of the Aidar punitive battalion. She publicly called for genocide to be committed to the people of the Donbass. She participated in torture and killings of prisoners and peaceful inhabitants. The editors of ELLE could not have not known that she is an adherent of National Socialism and an advocate of mass murder. Therefore one can conclude that ELLE is engaged in Nazi propaganda. Is the Western community (and especially the French) prepared to tolerate the attempts to rehabilitate Nazism in Europe?

J. Hawk commentary:

This is very much a real person whose name frequently pops up in Ukrainian news reports, usually in conjunction with intimidation attempts of the local population, and not only on the Donbass. Most recently she was seen in Vinnitsa, which is quite far from the war zone. The fact that the ideological affiliation of such Ukrainian “patriots” is being studiously ignored by European media is troubling in the extreme, especially given that one does not to search very far to discover the true nature of Ukrainian nationalism–the photos above came from Zaverukha’s own facebook page, which disappeared only a few days ago. To cite just one example, recently the foremost Polish newsweekly Polityka carried a lengthy article on Ukrainian “activist” Tatyana Chornovol who, among other things, is affiliated with the Azov Battalion whose symbol is the Neo-Nazi Wolfsangel (banned in most European countries). Yet Polityka, even though mentioning Azov, failed to inform its readership of the unit’s symbology or ideological bent. One is left with the impression that today’s Ukrainian Neo-Nazis are being tolerated for the same reason “civilized West” tolerated Hitler in the 1930s. In both cases, their primary declared target was Russia. Europe found out to its chagrin the high cost of coddling National Socialists in their midst, and it is liable to repeat that lesson in the 21st century. After all, the West is still paying a hefty price for sponsoring Islamic Fundamentalism as a weapon to be used against USSR in the 1980s during the war in Afghanistan. If anything, the sponsorship of Neo-Nazis as an anti-Russian weapon is liable to backfire even more spectacularly, given EU’s economic troubles, high levels of youth unemployment, in combination with traditional European xenophobia now being increasingly directed at immigrants and Muslims. And who will save Europe from its folly this time?

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