Head of Russian Foreign Intelligence Service: US is Attacking the Rouble Through it’s Financial Institutions



The head of the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) and former Prime Minister Mikhail Fradkov in an interview with Bloomberg stated that the US and its allies seek to topple Russian President Vladimir Putin and to change the leadership of the country, using not only sanctions, but organizing a coordinated attack on the currency and causing a fall in oil prices.

Fradkov said that this desire of the West ceased to be a secret, and no one “wants to see a strong and independent Russia.”

According to him, the speculative attack against the Russian ruble, which resulted in the ruble exchange rate against the dollar falling by more than 50% since the beginning of the year, was organized by Western financial institutions, including investment funds, through its agents and financial intermediaries. Fradkov said that the speculators, including from the USA, were to blame for the decline in world oil prices. The head of SVR did not reveal the details.

Earlier Putin in his address to the Federal Assembly urged the Central Bank and the government to use their influence to crack down on speculators. He added that the authorities know who these speculators are.


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