Historian Nikolay Starikov: Ukraine was Conceived as Anti-Russia, Just Like Pakistan was Anti-India


December 30, 2014
Writer and historian Nikolay Starikov – Youtube
Translated from Russian by Kristina Rus

In order to understand what will happen next, I would like to offer to set your emotions aside. Because now we will talk about very serious things, and emotions can only get in the way.

What have our geopolitical foes done for many centuries? They have a certain methodology. Look, year 1949. India. Our British partners, thanks to USSR winning the WWII, were kicked out of India. We know that Indian people fought for independence, but they would fight for another 150 years if Soviet tanks didn’t enter Berlin, and more importantly, entered North Korea and began their immediate presence in this region. In this situation the Englishmen and other ‘capitalists’ had to show that they are for freedom and equality. They had to leave India. What did they do while leaving – they split the country into two parts. They created Pakistan. For those who don’t know – never before did Pakistan exist, it was an artificially created country, which name was created by Indian college students who studied in London. Everything as usual – in London. The country was divided along religious lines, Hindus to India, Muslims to Pakistan. Accordingly the population was mixed. Tragedy. What happened in reality? India and anti-India, called Pakistan. Loosing control over a territory they created anti-territory, anti-thesis, and then pit them against each other. Support terrorist groups, instigate conflict, as you see, in Pakistan, and India there are still terrorists, fighters for independence of some states. All of this done by those who left. Again, I would like to stress, while loosing control over a territory, they created anti-territory – India and anti-India.

Same thing in 1949, China. They had a civil war since 1946. They kicked out the Japanese in 1945, talked for a year, and started fighting from 1946 to 1949, 3 years of civil war. USSR supports Mao Tse-tung, the West supports Chiang Kai-shek. Mao Tse-tung won. What did the Americans and the West do? Created anti-China. Evacuated the remains of the army of Chiang Kai-Shek, covered with their navy, and created Taiwan on the island of Formoza. China – Anti-China. We can find many such cases in history.

Year 2011. Russia. What do they do? Bolotnaya square. Navalny. White ribbons. All parliamentary parties are a mess. Russia on the verge a coup. Everything ended well. Putin became president. They lost control over Russia. What do they do? They create anti-Russia. They create anti-thesis. Where? In Ukraine. As soon as Putin became president, they realized they can’t cause an internal explosion, they took the course to create anti-thesis, anti-Russia in Ukraine. But they have everything planned, even though they are for the invisible hand of the market, but as you know behind the invisible hand of the market is the invisible fist. With this fist they wanted to strike Ukraine in 2015. In the spring they had planned elections. This is where we speeded this process. In the fall Yanukovich didn’t sign the agreement, it got out of hand, state coup. This is why they had such a bloody coup with violating the constitution. They had to create anti-thesis. Immediately – screams about Russia’s fault.

Perspectives. Perspectives are seen from all these previous examples. Anti-thesis is created and pumped with arms and money, and in perspective – pitted. After a state coup in Ukraine, Ukraine is prepared for a war with Russia. Is Ukraine weaker? Of course weaker. But it’s not a tiny Luxembourg. There are more then 40 million people. If you arm and pump them really well, you can get a very fine (for our American partners) military conflict. The most important thing to understand – it is not necessary for Ukraine to win. What’s needed is a war. And for Americans the more Russians and Ukrainians die – the better. This is what they are going to do.

In this situation how can Russia prevent this chain of events? Here is Ukraine. In Ukraine forces emerge announcing that they are not agreeing with this course of events. Emerged DPR and LPR. Emerged, if you will, anti-anti-Russia. If Ukraine was anti-Russia, LPR and DPR are anti-anti-Russia. The same scheme. They emerge on their own, that’s what’s important, We provide support. Why? Because while DPR and LPR exist, they tie down Ukraine from this scenario. While people in Donbass fight for their vision of development for Ukraine, the war between Russia and Ukraine is impossible.

Please note, this is exactly how it develops. Kiev government screams that Russia attacked, that Russia is an aggressor, that there are Russian troops. Meanwhile they don’t announce martial law. Diplomatic relations are not cut off. And according to Orwell, they buy coal and electricity from the aggressor. Imagine if USSR bought coal from Hitler during WWII? Could this happen? No. From this we can draw some conclusions. Again, I ask to set your emotions aside. We have to understand, if we don’t interfere with American plans to create anti-Russia in Ukraine, they will inevitably push Ukraine towards war with Russia. Along with ISIS offensive through Afghanistan and Central Asia it will lead to war on two fronts, the same as in the 1930’s, when from one side Japan was attacking through China, practically through Mongolia, and Hitler – from the other side. Poland until the last moment was supposed to be an ally in the march to Moscow, but plans have changed.

Therefore, you know how they like to talk about betrayal of DPR and LPR, if you betray LPR and DPR, and the protest is liquidated by military means, the American plan kicks in. The fall of DPR and LPR means an attack on Russia in 5 years, or some conflict that will surely be organized. They have a reason – the nazis will say: “Let’s return Crimea!” and the West will support them. They have a case for war. Therefore Russia, protecting its own interests, setting aside our civilizational values – helping the weak, compatriots, “Russians don’t leave Russians behind”, setting all of that aside – leaving just naked pragmatism, we cannot leave Donetsk and Lugansk to their own devices.

And now, another important question: Can Russia accept independence of this territory? Set aside your emotions. If this happens, the scheme remains. We cut it off, it’s a separate state, we will deal with them later. First we will return Crimea. First we will strike that which is the reason for all our troubles. As soon as DPR and LPR separate from Ukraine, this whole American scheme begins to work. Therefore DPR and LPR (and I risk to say something unpopular) for the interests of Russia and the entire Russian world (and we have the same interests) has to one way or another remain inside Ukraine’s borders – it is a weight on the foot of Ukraine, which prevents Ukraine from being sucked into a war with Russia.

This is why the announcement of our Minister of Foreign Affairs [Lavrov], who said that Russia stands for the territorial integrity of Ukraine. This is why – our wish to put them at the same table. In reality, not all is well with American economy. In today’s situation we have to help Donetsk and Lugansk, and there are 2-3 million people, and the Americans have to help the rest of Ukraine, which is – 40 million people. This is what we are talking about. Therefore when you understand what rules apply in geopolitical game, you understand what can be done and what can’t be done. And the hot heads in our Patriotic Front don’t understand this. This is the difference between a commander of a division who wants to conquer some height, he has do it and that’s it, and a General who has to win the entire war, and not just to take one height. And in this situation DPR and LPR are fighting not just for their freedom, but for the lives of 40 million Ukrainians, who don’t understand, that if DPR and LPR fall, they will be sucked into the war with Russia, and the death count will be in the hundreds of thousands, if not millions. Today in Donetsk and Lugansk they are fighting for the entire Russian world – for Ukraine and Russia. Therefore you cannot talk about any betrayal, it’s like betraying yourself. Similarly not to re-unite Crimea and Russia was equivalent to allowing Maidan in Moscow in several months, this is what we are talking about. Therefore, every time we try to analyze the steps of geopolitical players, you have to set your emotions aside. Lukashenko flew to Kiev? Set emotions aside, then analyze why. Lukashenko said something about the dollar. Set emotions aside, then access his actions. Why something is happening in Donetsk and Lugansk? If you try to understand it from emotional standpoint it will not lead to anything good.

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