Joaquin Flores: Fourth Generation Warfare Decoded

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Time Monk Radio Network
1.5 Hours, audio.

 Joaquin Flores from Center for Syncretic Studies: “A healthily skeptical interview, I am pressed about the theory and practice of Fourth Generational Warfare (4GW). I explain its features, as well as touch on the history of the theory, the individuals involved in coming up with it.
I get into its explanatory and descriptive strengths and weaknesses (on the balance, I believe it has explanatory and descriptive power/relevance).
I reaffirm my view that by itself, as a military doctrine theory, it is insufficient in describing warfare – rather I posit that warfare is either a whole society, or rather that warfare is only one aspect of a society which uses ‘4GW’ in all spheres of life.
Thus, we get a bit into Baudrillard, the theory of hyper-reality and the simulacrum, as being necessary to understand either the epistemology of social knowledge (what we collectively believe to be true, etc.) and how the simulacrum changes the ontologic equation. We don’t use these words as such, but the terrain is covered.


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