Kharkov Ukrainian Security Service Torture and Kidnapping Department


Dmitry Dzygovbrodsky, Russian-Ukrainian blogger – Facebook

Kharkov SBU (Ukrainian Security Service) has a special Department, responsible for the cooperation with the “Right Sector”. In charge of torture and kidnapping. And not out-of-towners, local SBU agents.

One of the first victims was Alexey Lukyanov. For two weeks he was kept at the SBU. Beaten. Then for two weeks he was kept in a pit near Slavyansk. In the neighbouring pit to Lukyanov died two militia-men.

Then Lukyanov was returned to Kharkov, cleaned up, dressed up and taken to court. And told that they found him on the street.

“Pravoseki” [the Right Sector], which cooperate with this Department of the SBU, at the end of November were given rooms in hotel “Kharkov”. On the 5th floor of the new building.

National Tribunal, as well as Kharkov underground are working on this Department of the SBU, as well as all those cooperating with them. And their family, and relatives. All who come into the Department, all those who cooperate, are recorded.

I think it is perfectly clear to everyone, and to employees of this Department of the SBU that this situation will not be indefinite. Buy Canadian passports. May be you will be lucky and manage to escape.

Translated by Kristina Rus for

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