Novorossia Artillery Withdrawn Due to Ceasefire Can Return to Positions in 30 Minutes



Armed vehicles remain on positions, withdrawn artillery can come back in 30 minutes

Militiaman “Cadet” talked about the withdrawal of the heavy artillery of Novorossia from the frontline:

“Yes, we began to withdraw the heavy artillery. Removed MRLS Grad and Hurricane and other artillery. Remaining – all armored vehicles, infantry and mortars.

Command ordered all units of NAF in the event if UAF does not pull out its heavy equipment within 5 days, to return to positions. In the case of an attack – to open fire at the enemy approaching positions, immediately to return the artillery into place.

The equipment already withdrawn can come back to positions in 30 minutes for MRLS, and an hour for the rest. The military situation – after Kolesnikovo there was no more fighting. The militia and UAF continued to dig in.

UAF has also brought reinforcements. According to our information at Cchastinskaya and Stanichno-Luganskaya formations the enemy concentrated all reserves of these groups directly on the line of contact. But in this area UAF and the militia have approximately equal number of troops.

And in terms of firepower and morale militia surpasses them. During the previous “ceasfire” ukry lost up to 700 people injured and dozens killed, and up to 95 units of armored vehicles in this area”.

Translated by Kristina Rus for

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