“Poroshenko is the Best Chance for … Russia?”: Ukrainians React to Lavrov’s “Poroshenko is the Best Chance for Ukraine”


As expected, supporters of Russia and Novorossia were split in their reaction to Lavrov’s comments about Poroshenko being the best chance for Ukraine in his recent interview to “France 24”. Their reactions ranged from the same old “betrayal of Novorossia” to “business as usual: read between the lines”. But in the rush of one camp to defend Lavrov and another to tarnish him, the most important reaction was overlooked – the reaction by the Ukrainians themselves, which is more often then not represented by the “active nationalist minority”. If this is the real intended audience which Lavrov was targeting, his mission can be considered accomplished.

Below are some of the comments to Lavrov’s remark in the Ukrainian social media collected by Russian-Ukrainian blogger Dmitry Dzygovbrodsky:

“Just what had to be proved – Petia laid down under the F$cker [Putin – tr.]”

“Everything is correct, Petia will not fight for Crimea and Donbass. Just perfect for Putka” 

“You forgot to mention, he will not implement any reforms either, and will not touch ‘the professor gang’ “

“If Lavrov is praising him, that means you cannot find a worse piece of [email protected]#t”

“Thats true”

“If this jerk is applauding Poroh, that means he really screwed them”

“It means he is a total F$cker-pleaser [Putin], who agreed to all the conditions of the F%cker!”

“You underestimate the KGB-ists. Half of Lubyanka was thinking about what and where to say”

“You really believe that they would praise him because he is an obstacle? Didn’t he already sell the factory in Lipetsk?”

“We already figured out that he is our guy. Judging by the ruble and the hryvnia”

“The deals are coming, now they will return the finished Donbass krai [region – tr.], and Poroshenko will begin to help the Russian brothers more actively. The curly a$#hole can not eat enough of his billions”

“I figured that this jerk wants to break up the people with their president, but recently said that we had illegitimate elections in Ukraine, and the president is illegitimate, and now everything is normal, but probably not everything is normal in his head, does this jerk really think that the president of Ukraine will sell out for his sweet words. As usual if the enemy starts to speak such words it always is suspicious, especially before the attack on Mariupol. Better remember the words of Hitler before the war with the Soviets – he also had nice words for Stalin, and what happened after that everyone knows well. And with his treachery Putin is no better then Stalin”

“Katsapy [Russians] praised Timoshenko – she lost elections, supported Yanukovych – he flew to Rostov, now came Poroshenko’s turn – inevitably”

“Poroshenko will soon follow Yanukovich’s path. In reality Petya did not do anything for Ukraine, and I give you 100% that he will not! A typical oligarch-fraudster, who built his entire life on lies, profit and deceit. Lavrov is absolutely right – just have to change the country – Poroshenko is the best chance for Russia”

“Our president laid down under Russia. Under the occupant. What the f$ck do we need this chance for?”   

Kristina Rus 

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