How Harvard Raped Russia


How America’s aristocracy raped Russia and all of the member-nations in the former USSR:

Economic hardship is being created by the foreign-controlled Bank of Russia’s monetary policies, to spread mass discontent and facilitate a Maidan in 2015 to remove Putin. So claims Evgeny Fedorov, citing the colonialist Central Bank law, established after Washington’s victory in the Cold War, and the system of fifth-column levers, methodically operated to steer the revolution.

1:43 Domestic investment is forbidden, only foreign investment (into Russia) is permitted

2:59 Foreign banks own the production in Russia.

8:23 Putin has no authority over the Central Bank.

13:56 Bank of Russia is legally a foreign-controlled Central Bank.

15:21 Road map to Maidan 2015.

English subtitles.

Russian original from :……

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