Russian Power will Keep Lugansk Lights on for the Holidays


A creation of alternative energy systems of Lugansk Peoples Republic has been  completed. Lugansk is no longer dependent on TPP in the town of Schastye, said the head of the Center of Management of the Restoration of the Lugansk Republic (CUV LNR), Alexander Drobot -reported a correspondent of IA “Novorossia”.

According to the head of Center, now, in the event of a power outage at Lugansk TPP, which is located in the town of Schastye, controlled by Ukrainian troops, the power grid of the Republic will switch to direct power supply from Russia.

Consequently, the Ukrainian punishers will not be able to inflict significant damage to the power grid of the Republic. The head of CUV LNR assured that the citizens of the Republic are soundly protected in the energy department.

“Now residents of LPR are not afraid that they might be left without lights. The Republic cares for a stable future for its citizens”, – said the head of the CUV. Recall that the press service of DTEK announced that Lugansk TPP has three days of coal reserves left.

Translated by Kristina Rus

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