Russian State Duma Could Authorize the Use of Russian Troops in Ukraine

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The State Duma of Russian Federation could adopt a law that would allow President Vladimir Putin to use Russian troops on the territory of Ukraine.

This opinion was voiced by PM from the faction “Just Russia” Mikhail Emelyanov. The politician is convinced that this is a way to protect Russia.

“RF cannot calmly watch as the US arms Ukraine with the most modern lethal weapons. In this regard, we should not appear weak. The situation is very alarming. Judging by US intentions, they want to turn Ukraine into a fighting platform against Russia, because the economic situation in Ukraine will not improve. Of course, arming such a country is potentially dangerous for Russia”,- said the politician on Russian TV in response to the US resolution “On the recognition of Ukraine as an ally outside of NATO.”

He also added that the use of Russian troops on the territory of another country can only be authorized by the Council of Federation.

Recall, in the spring of this year, the Council of Federation already adopted a decision to authorize the President of Russian Federation to use Russian troops in Ukraine, but in the summer it reversed its decision.

On December 11, the US Senate passed the “The Act in Support of Freedom of Ukraine”, according to which Ukraine will receive assistance in the military, energy and civil sectors.

This act tells President Barack Obama to provide the following assistance:

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– To provide assistance to Ukraine for: (1) military, defense, energy and civil sectors; (2) internally displaced persons.

– To direct the Secretary of State to work with Ukrainian officials to help Ukraine reduce its dependence on natural gas imports from the Russian Federation.

– To direct the Head of the Board of Broadcasting to submit to Congress a plan for the expansion of broadcasting in the Russian language in the countries of the former Soviet Union in order to counter the ‘propaganda’ of the Russian Federation.

– To focus the plan on priority broadcasting in Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova of “The Voice of America” (VOA) and “Radio Free Europe” / “Radio Liberty”.

Brazen policy of Washington confirms every day that the government of Poroshenko is their vassal, ready for the most drastic measures against its own people and Russia.

Russia has no more time to negotiate with the aggressor, the time for the adequate response has arrived. Ukraine must be forced to peace. Talks will not work, this is not why Poroshenko was installed there, blindly and devotedly following all orders from the United States.

Translated by Krisitna Rus for

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