Shootout at the Port of Mariupol – Who Will the Port Go To?



On December 9 at 10.30 armed men entered the Mariupol port administration building. A reporter was not allowed inside by a policeman and members of port security.

From our sources in law enforcement agencies we learned that representatives of the regional Police Department and the Department of Investigation of Economic Crimes were on the scene.

The building was blocked, port employees were not allowed to go inside and those inside could not leave.

At 11.51 armed men left the office of Port Authority. 6 people in camouflage exited from the side door and left in two vehicles.

Security opened the front doors and let out the people who were in the building.

According to the staff, armed men did not allow them to leave the office for about 2 hours.  The port authorities declined to comment.

The head of regional police Vyacheslav Abroskin reported that police has nothing to do with the events at the port, and advised to seek clarification from regional prosecutor’s office.

And from the regional prosecutor’s office we were sent back to the regional police.

The circle has closed, and it became clear that something is fishy.

According to some reports, not yet confirmed, there was a shoot out between the Azov battalion  and the police at the port.

“Police discovered some fraud at the Port Authority. Girls were dismissed from work, they have a separate building. But now a shoot out began between the “cops” and “Azov”. Workers are hiding from random bullets around the territory. It’s unbelievable,” – said one of the employees of the Port Authority,  Lyudmila.

Apparently, redistribution of property is gaining momentum in Ukraine. The port of Mariupol, which is officially a state property and is the largest in Azov, until recently was controlled by Rinat Akhmetov. Looks like the struggle for the port is entering a decisive phase. According to Lyudmila, different sections of port infrastructure are actively changing owners.

“At the office the rumors are that Lyashko already owns two docks. Although I don’t believe that he personally controls something. Someone is hiding behind his name”, – says Lyudmila.

Yulia Tymoshenko, during her days as prime minister had repeatedly tried to privatize the port of Mariupol, may be the wind blows from there…

Translated by Kristina Rus for

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