The death of South Stream – maidan in Turkey or government collapse in Bulgaria?

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Yurasumy – Live Journal

Yesterday was eventful with statements. The energy sector perhaps most important:

“Given the fact that we still have not received permission from Bulgaria, we believe that Russia cannot continue the implementation of this project on these terms,” – said Putin, stressing that to start a project without permission from one of the countries “is ridiculous”.

“Are we going to invest hundreds of billions of dollars, go through the entire Black Sea and stop before the Bulgarian border?” – he said to journalists. “Therefore we will not implement it” – he concluded.

“This is not consistent with the economic interests of Europe and unfortunately undermines our cooperation, ” – the President said. “But that is the choice of our European friends”.

“But in the end they are the buyers, and it is their choice,” – said Putin, calling the EU’s position unconstructive. “If Europe does not want to implement the project, then it will not be implemented,” – he said, stressing that everything was ready for South Stream from Russia’s side.

In this regard, Putin advised Bulgaria, which is blocking the project, to demand from the EU a compensation for lost profits. “If ,” – he explained.

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“Ultimately, this is also the choice of our Bulgarian partners they probably have some obligations, but it’s not our business, and the work of our partners,” – added Putin.

The fact that South Stream is needed by both Russia and Europe is clear. But the evil will of the States (represented by their puppets in Sofia) is quite obvious. Essentially this is a continuation of the struggle that has unfolded in Ukraine. Ties between Europe and Russia, as conceived by the US, must be broken. And South Stream as well. In this situation, the “demarche” on the project (a statement of closing) is nothing short of blackmail.

Europe (Southern and Central) in the run-up to almost a guaranteed loss of gas deliveries from Ukraine in January-February has to think – what is more important? The relationship with the United States or their energy security? The choice is very difficult and it can’t be avoided. And if Europe does not come to its senses it will freeze again in the following winter (without options). This is Russia’s wager.

Turkey is no different on the “stability” factor from the situation in Ukraine. Therefore the signing of this agreement, and its implementation will play a fatal role in the history of Turkey. To destabilize the situation in Turkey is a piece of cake for USA (the task is the same – USA doesn’t need Russian gas in Europe). And we get another Maidan (revolution). Therefore I would not hurry with conclusions. Turkish option may be a back-up plan, but if Europe will come to its senses (and the outrage has started) then everything can be fixed. And with the first supply interruptions … the Bulgarian government may collapse or change its mind.

P. S. I think this Stream will bring many surprises. One thing I can say for sure, if Europe will come to its senses, South Stream will not fall under Europe’s 3rd energy package.

Translated by Kristina Rus

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