The new Minister of Health of Ukraine has no medical education or experience

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Vladislav Breeg (Editor of Novorossia Today) – Facebook

The newly appointed Minister of Health of Ukraine Aleksandr Kvitashvili has no medical education and has not carried out any reforms in Georgia, said at a  press conference in Kiev the ex-Minister of Georgia on conflict resolution Giorgi Khaindrava and filmmaker Kathy Dolidze.

“He was a rector at a University, he had philological education, and it has nothing to do with health,” – said Dolidze.

At the same time, Khaindrava said that, during his time as a Minister of Health, Kvitashvili bought all the pharmacies and hospitals, but did not undertake any reforms in the health sector.

“Citizen of Georgia Kvitashvili bought all drugstores, malls and hospitals. During his time the citizens of Georgia, the third of whom lived below the poverty line, could not afford treatment. With regard to reforms in health care by Kvitashvili, to be honest, I don’t know about any reforms. Let him name at least one reform, which he carried out in Georgia, which produced not statistical figures on paper, but real results for the citizens,” – he said.

Khaindrava said that despite reports, and numerous publications on the results of reforms of Kvitashvili, the Georgian people have not heard about them.

At the same time, he noted that members of the government of ex-President of Georgia Mikhail Saakashvili are now under unclear circumstances appear in high-ranking positions in different countries.

Translated by Kristina Rus

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