The takeover of Ukrainian government by foreigners will lead to liquidation of native population

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The takeover of the Ukrainian government by foreigners – is nothing less than a liquidation commission. They occupy the positions of Minister of Finance, Minister of Economy and Minister of Health. It is very likely that in the near future we will witness “the salvation of Ukraine” through economic and financial shock.
Something that locals wouldn’t have dared to do (bound with connections, and simply just planning to live in Ukraine), will quietly be done by “professionals”, who already announced about assembling a custom team to replace the staff of the ministries.

By and large, Ukraine’s economy is in a comatose state of economic collapse. To save it without spending enormous amounts of money (which no one in Europe has in a free form anyway) was already too late last summer, and at this point no injections will help.

Most likely the new trifecta will:

In the Ministry of Finance – radical sequestration of the budget (reduction of social spending, expenditures in education, health, culture), tax increases, default, probably releasing the exchange rate.

In the Ministry of Economy – total privatization, the collapse of industry with preservation of agriculture, and changes in foreign trade rules, promoting the penetration of goods from EU, USA into Ukrainian market.

Ministry of Health – across the board reductions of funds and employees.

At the end, of course, the “vandals” will be labeled “traitors”, and most likely “undercover Moskali”, and of course will be blamed for all the turmoil.

Actually the population of Ukraine has only one way out – absolute resistance to authorities, or start preparing to go down into the ground, following Ukrainian industry. The population of Ukraine may be reduced to the extent that the new owners will consider sufficient to fulfill those tasks put in front of her.

Translated by Kristina Rus

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