Transcarpathia is Ready to Open a Second Front with 15,000 People


Transcarpathia is the second front in the fight for decentralization of power in Ukraine, along with Donetsk and Lugansk, said at a press conference in Rostov-on-Don the Prime Minister of Subcarpathian Rus Peter Getsko.

“Transcarpathia is the second hot spot, along with the South-East – Novorossia. If Donetsk and Lugansk went on the path of confrontation, Rusyns for many years have been on the path of a peaceful resolution of problems. We cannot say that we have not made progress on this path. We had no military clashes, but we are ready to produce 15 thousand people against the Ukrainian military and the Right Sector. They will easily be able to block mountain passes and to take power in the region. The other thing is that, given the sad experience of Donetsk and Transnistria, the Republic may end up isolated. Therefore, we seek solutions with political and diplomatic means,” – said Peter Getsko.

According to the leader of the unrecognized Republic, representatives of the Rusyn national movement, in addition to brotherly Russia, have contacts with authorities and politicians in Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Romania. On November 25 the issue of Transcarpathian Rusins was heard at the Romanian Parliament, and on December 2  the European Parliament held a round table devoted to the relations between Russia, Ukraine and the EU, where a significant portion of time was devoted to discussing problems of Rusyns.

In Transcarpathia representatives of the Rusyn movement and other opposition leaders are persecuted as “separatists”. On November 13 three elderly activists were subjected to searches and interrogations. In Mukachevo the editor of the opposition newspaper “Workers ‘and Peasants ‘ Truth” Anatoly Mayevsky was detained.

“We do not advocate secession from Ukraine, we are for a united Ukraine, but against the unitary structure of the country. We believe that our Republic should receive an independent status within a Confederation,” – stressed Peter Getsko.

The leader of the unrecognized Republic expressed hope that with the support of Russia and European countries Transcarpathia will be able to peacefully achieve recognition and independence, although with repression of activists “Kiev is pushing Rusyns to a military option of confrontation”.

Translated by Kristina Rus

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