Ukraine Begins to “Turchinovize” its Army


Oles Buzina –

I understand that Turchinov must say something. But, in my view, before speaking a political leader ought to first think and not hope that Ukraine is populated by idiots bereft of logic.

Creating a powerful army under conditions of rapidly collapsing economy (which is precisely what is happening due to the erroneously chosen pro-euroatlantic course) is impossible. An army cannot exist without an economy.

Before creating a genuinely powerful Red Army by 1939, Stalin pursued forced industrialization for ten years.

In the course of which USSR demonstrated, during the first two Five-Year Plans, the highest economic growth rates in the entire world. Right now no preconditions for economic growth can be found in Ukraine. No matter how much one talks of “NATO standards.”

Thus for now Ukraine will have to arm itself using the remnants of Soviet-era equipment. And even then Ukraine lacks a munitions plant after losing Lugansk. So that even providing ammunition for Kalashnikov rifles will entail spending foreign currency on Soviet-pattern ammunition from abroad.

Let me cite one more reason why I don’t believe Turchinov. An army is powerful only when it reflects the will of the people. And the nation of Ukraine, which is being deprived even of the ability to sell home-grown pork fat at produce markets in order to satisfy EU standards, does not understand why it has to perish for the sake of “European standards”.

The nation can see that the mobilization does not concern the so-called ruling “elite”. And even if the nation does not remember that Napoleon exercised personal command during his battles, it still has not forgotten that during the Great Patriotic War the children of all Soviet leaders fought at the front, and the sons of Stalin and Khrushchev actually perished.

The policy of “turchinovizing” the army does not even remotely suggest such a level of expectations towards its “leaders”.

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