Ukrainian Authorities Turn to Yesterday’s School Children For Cannon Fodder



According to Lugansk Republic intelligence the command of junta troops during the rotation of the units in the area of Lugansk replaced  experienced fighters with inexperienced youngsters.

The most dreadful is the situation with the 92-th and 80-th brigades.

At the 92nd separate mechanized brigade, which is stationed near the city of Schastye, the second battalion is currently 80% stocked with this year’s high school graduates.

At the 3rd battalion of the 80th airmobile brigade, located in the area of Shtormovo (61 km North-West of Lugansk) a share of untrained conscripts is more than 60%.

The 2nd battalion of the same brigade located near Verhnaya Pokrovka (83 km North-West of Lugansk), is staffed with yesterday’s schoolchildren by more than half.

Having exhausted the human resources, the Ukrainian government went to extreme measures. Along with their diplomas the graduates of Ukrainian schools and universities received their summons to the army this year. In the event of junta resuming the fighting these children will become cannon fodder and “Izvarinsky Cauldron” will seem like a kindergarten Christmas party.

Translated by Kristina Rus

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