Ukrainian Coal Miners Vow to March to Kiev in the Wake of Expected Mine Closures



The orders from the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine are regarded with bewilderment and outrage. Who are all these people, in whose hands are the destinies of millions of people?

And do these millions understand that the incompetent dropouts and real liquidators of the state are destroying the last functioning elements of the country?

Coal miners of Pavlograd already understood.

Thus, in Pavlograd, Dnepropetrovsk region, 32 coal mines are to be shut down, 24 preserved, and 37 privatized.

Everyone remembers the story with African coal, now the saga with Australian coal begins, since no one can quell the desire of the government of Yatsenyuk to cash in on dubious deals.

Thieves remain thieves, especially when no one can grab them by the hand. Given that, as a rule, the coal mines are city-founding enterprises, the fate of coal miners after mine closures will not be pleasant

But the miners of Pavlograd on the territories controlled by Kiev will not patiently await a slow death from starvation.

“If my mine will shut down, I will walk to Kiev and personally will cut the throat of the one who came up with this. And I think I will not be alone. There are many others. And I think any miner from any Ukrainian coal mine will do the same. And if he will  ask for help – he will be joined by all the others,” – said Vitaly Onishko from one of the Pavlograd mines.

Translated by Krisitna Rus

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