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Investigative Blogger Anatoliy Shariy – Videoblog

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk 

Translator’s Note: 

One of the “hot” stories of 2014 were the incessant reports of the Russian “invasion” of Ukraine. Yet in spite of the never-ending claims, NATO has never revealed a shred of credible evidence suggesting regular Russian Army formations were in fact operating in Eastern Ukraine. The blurry satellite images released by NATO but originating with commercial satellite imagery firms are quite literally the best it could do, which suggests that Russia does not in fact have troops in Eastern Ukraine. The fact that NATO resorted to publishing commercial satellite photos is, moreover, what in poker is known as a “tell”, or a subtle sign by a player revealing what kind of a hand he in fact is holding, and in this case NATO is telling us that its hand is very weak indeed. One easy way to establish whether a Western government is telling the truth or whether the intel “data” it is citing is fake is the source of that data. Remember the famous “16 words”? “”The British government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa.” Notice the outsourcing of the blame to the British government—this tidbit of information presented by George W. Bush as part of his case in favor of invading Iraq is clearly not something the US intelligence community wanted to stand behind, so it was palmed off onto the hapless Tony Blair. So in this case NATO intelligence services do not want to be associated with official claims that Russian troops are in Eastern Ukraine or, for that matter, have shot down the MH17, therefore an external source of information is sought. And this is the value of Shariy’s investigation, his reconstruction of the “pipeline” by which false information concerning Russian troop presence in Ukraine is presented by Western media as a fact.

Anatoliy Shariy: 

Ukrainian General Staff Intercepts Russian Secrets! Ukrainian News Today.

This is meant to be a serious videoblog, but if I lose my composure and laugh my ass off, you’ll just have to excuse me.

Where is the information concerning the allegedly Russian dead soldiers in Ukraine? Everyone knows that it is emanating from the so-called Russian “defenders of human rights” who have more than once spread false information in the past. Not once, not twice, not ten times. Many times.

But what really took me aback is that recently a representative of the Ukrainian General Staff, Major General Aleksandr Rozmaznin, announced at a briefing “information” concerning casualties among Russian special operations troops, even the 4th “Kantermirovskaya” Tank Division, at the Donetsk Airport.

Headline: “Russian military reports confirm huge losses among Russian troops in Donetsk.—Ukrainian General Staff, on basis of Documents.”

Headline: “Ukrainian General Staff has Russian military reports concerning heavy losses in Donetsk.”

Headline: “Ukrainian General Staff claims 299 Russian soldiers were killed in fighting for the Donetsk Airport.”

Headline: “Rozmaznin: About 300 Russian soldiers were killed in the fighting for the Donetsk Airport, and almost 200 were wounded.”

Headline: “In the battles for the Donetsk Airport almost 300 Russian soldiers were killed, while almost 200 were wounded, according to Ukrainian General Staff representative.”

Headline: “General Staff: About 300 Russian soldiers were killed in fighting for the Donetsk Airport, 96 Russian soldiers were severely wounded.”

Youtube video title: “Ukrainian “cyborgs”, the defenders of the Donetsk Airport, destroyed Russian spetsnaz which was assaulting the airport.”

So as you can see the Ukrainian media took this “information” and ran with it. Which is only to be expected, because it’s not as if some kid on the street said that but, after all, a representative of the Ukrainian General Staff! A Major General! On active duty!

Article excerpt: “[Rozmaznin] announced, that the General Staff intercepted reports from Russian Army unit commanders which confirm heavy casualties among regular Russian forces in the fight for the airport. Total losses as of December 2, 2014, are 299 KIA and 300 WIA, including 96 heavily wounded, and 171 MIA.”

So one is led to believe that the Ukrainian General Staff intercepted reports by Russian commanders. So I started to wonder: where, exactly, did you intercept them? Does the Ukrainian intelligence really operate so efficiently? So I started to look for the original source of this information. That is to say, who made a similar announcement before the Ukrainian general? But there were a few problems as far as the “original source” is concerned, because every newspaper is citing some other newspaper. But ultimately the thread leads to a single source, a ‘Russian’ blogger who goes by the name of Oleg Yarrchuk.

Article excerpt: “On his page “Marshal” published a link to Yarchuk’s blog which contains a tally of Russian casualties during the fighting in Ukraine. He writes of 4672 Russian soldiers killed and 970 wounded. In addition, up to December 2, 2014, supposedly 2560 Russian soldiers were classified as Missing in Action (MIA).”

[The link to the blog is here: As you can see, the number of losses has actually “increased” since Shariy made his video blog entry. Please scroll all the way to the bottom of the page, and feast your eyes on the Ukrainian neo-Nazi symbology, which suggests this site is actually a “false flag” operation run by Ukrainian nationalists.]

And then I found this blogger’s facebook page, with two friends and two “likes”. One of them is the Ukrainian publication “”.

Yarchuk did not have it all together when it comes to publishing information, because he established his facebook account in January. Until March he only published Ukrainian poetry. Yeah, a ‘Russian’ blogger. But I was particularly deeply affected by his post from March 17, 2014.

[Note: The March 17 post simply reads “22”.]

Then he made a few posts until late April, and “resurfaced” only on November 24, by posting a link to his blog. And this is where he began to write about losses allegedly suffered by the Russian army in Ukraine. Prior to that date his blog only contained memes, demotivators, stuff like that. [Note: Much of the symbology shown is in fact neo-Nazi in character, as noted above.]

So now let’s pause for a second and reflect: all the information presented by Ukrainian General Staff representative, Major General Rozmaznin are taken from this blog, and are “confirmed” by a well-known Russian “human rights defender” Elena Vasilieva, the very same one who accused me of murder and who is known for spreading all manner of demonstrably false information which does not even bear repeating. But I was particularly disappointed by the portal which earlier was not known for spreading canards, but in this case referenced Vasilieva as a source.

And now compare all the information officially published by Ukrainian General Staff with the information published on the fake blog—it is identical, word for word, as is the exact number of casualties cited by both the blog and by the General Staff.

So now we know how the Ukrainian General Staff is “intercepting” Russian reports. From a blog of an unknown, anonymous blogger. In other words, it turns out that the Ukrainian media is citing the words of a Ukrainian general who, in turn, is citing an unknown blogger which is confirmed by a well-known fakemonger Elena Vasilieva. Two thumbs up!

Now, let’s return to where we started, namely the fact this is a serious blog. I have no doubts that we must be dealing with a sophisticated special operation aimed at a complete discreditation of the Ukrainian General Staff which, after all, began to cite information coming from obviously fake accounts, and to likewise demolish whatever credibility Ukrainian media still had left. But just when you start thinking they have hit the bottom and can’t fall any lower, somebody is knocking from down below.

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