Ukrainian Students Gave Away “The Blood of Russian Babies” Juice for Free at a School Fundraiser


Students of the first Ukrainian gymnasium of the city of Nikolaev held a “Sweet Fair”, where they were selling home-made pastries and sweets. The students collected the money to pay for the purchase of thermal underwear for the soldiers of the Ukrainian army.

The names of the products were most interesting. For example, cottage cheese casserole of the high school students was called “The Brains of  Zhirinovsky”, free juice – “The Blood of Russian Babies”. At the fair you could buy biscuits “Blue and Yellow Stars of the Kremlin”, and puffs “Tanks To Moscow”.

Children joyfully told a correspondent for the local paper about how the creative names of the products helped them sell more for the sake of helping the freezing fighters of the armed forces.

“We, the representatives of community groups, are holding the “Sweet Fair” not for the first time. First we were in the 39th school, then at the Black Sea State University” – said the organizer of the fair, Victoria Onufrieva.

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