Ukrainians Conduct Master Classes in Making Molotov Cocktails near the Ukrainian Parliament


For several days running, there have been protests at the Verkhovna Rada of all sorts, from teachers, about their benefits getting chopped, to defrauded investors.

On December 25 they were entertaining themselves by throwing grenades at the feet of deputies, which police considered as routine hooliganism.

They even held a “peaceful” master class in the preparation of Molotov cocktails. As for the initiators of the bottling of combustible fluid near the parliament, they were the activists demanding the “lustration” of Vladimir Khomenko, first deputy chairman of the State Fiscal Service. [Lustration — Old Latin word meaning “purification,” used in today’s Ukraine for “ouster.” —tr]

To draw attention to their protest, they decided to conduct the master class on Molotov cocktail preparation, so that the ones standing in the foremost positions of power not forget that they must work for the country and for the people, not just for their own individual interest.

The participants included farmers and teachers who decided to get further practice in preparing the incendiaries which were so popular on the Maidan last winter.

The planners brought in 450 bottles, and cans of pure alcohol, demonstrating how to fill and ignite the cocktails without damaging eyes and hands.

In the face of this, the police did not interfere with the activists as they rehearsed “Reichstag arson” and improved their skills in bottling firebombs.

Translated from Russian by Tom Winter for

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