United States is Creating Three Military Bases in Ukraine


Editor in Chief of Segodnya.ru Jury Kotenok speaks to a military expert, Army Reserve Colonel Alexander Zhilin. 

J.K.: American Senate adopted an openly anti-Russian act, according to which, besides military aid Ukraine will receive lethal weapons. Without a doubt, there is a great likelihood that all of this will be directed against Russia, and a risk of war in Crimea increases several times. Besides, in the nearest future NATO bases may appear in Ukraine.  About a military threat to Russia and military sanctions against it speaks a military expert, Army Reserve Colonel, Alexander Zhilin.

A.Z.: Yes, the document which the Senate has adopted is certainly very very telling. Look, everything is done in synchronicity, the new fascist Rada received a bill to cancel the neutral status of Ukraine, and immediately this document, which we are talking about, was adopted by the Americans. What does this mean? It means that the territory of Ukraine becomes a military platform. It means that in the nearest future Ukraine will be pumped with American weapons. It means that, as planned, Americans will first open three military bases in Ukraine. They will not be called military bases, they will be called “Centers for Preparation of Military Specialists for the National Army of Ukraine”, but they will be de facto military bases.

Will that bring peace to Ukraine? No. Why? Because, according to what has been planned, Ukraine has to turn into a naked steppe, on foundation of which will be built a principally new society. Therefore in Ukraine SBU is planning terrorist attacks, local conflicts, gang activity to pillage and murder, they have to maximally liquidate the native population. And then Germany will enter the game, and will begin to form conditions on this territory to implement a modified Marshall Plan 2 – a plan to create a belt of destabilization to destabilize situation in Russia and create a platform for a military attack on our country, if needed. Why is this platform advantageous? Because – count how many kilometers are there between Moscow, where we are standing now, to those military bases which will be open by the Americans and NATO in Ukraine, – it’s nothing.

Considering that the Americans are entering an era of exploitation of principally new weapons, which fly with hyper-speed, then our entire system of defense will be subjected to a lot of pressure. In this regard, from one perspective we must invest in defense, but if we look at the effectiveness from a conceptual perspective, the army is only sixth in the hierarchy of effectiveness of national defense. What do I mean? Look at Switzerland, their army is only 1,500 people. Will anyone attack Switzerland? All the riches of the world and the major banks and vaults are concentrated in Switzerland  Not one idiot will attack this country. We have to operate like China, where, I want to stress, two years ago appeared a new position – First Deputy Head of General Staff in charge of Economic Wars. They are not only planning for nuclear attacks, they are planning for economic attacks, economic defense. They are looking into tomorrow.

I have to say the following – we still have time. But if we only focus on pseudo-tactical tasks – fix here, fix there, went to Turkey, looks like got a deal, went to China, didn’t get credits – this is not politics, this is child play. We need a strategic line of a great country, which has to pursue a policy which will put us in the center of world processes, just as it used to be before, when our great weapons were heard around the world and not one cannon in the world could shoot without a permission form our great country.

Translated by Kristina Rus for FortRuss.blogspot.com

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