The Hypocritically Arrogant and Ignorant Comments Against Anna Netrebko


By Michael Averko


This overly subjective piece is authored by someone who has exhibited a preference for nationalist anti-Russian leaning perspectives.

Should Ruslana be considered a terrorist sympathizer for preferring the two regimes which succeeded the democratically elected and overthrown Ukrainian president? The increased turmoil in Ukraine very much relates to some of the people involved with that changeover.

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BTW, the person photographed (by the above linked article) with Netrebko was politically/physically beaten up in Kiev.  

Another hack job:



Singers the world over have been known to favor political movements, while not favoring violence and/or intolerance.

In a CNN Wolf Blitzer hosted segment, the Lviv born half Russian/half Ukrainian Ruslana, pointedly said that she wasn’t against Russia, while opposing its government (Putin specifically). There’re others with a reasoned basis to oppose the post-Yanukovych Kiev regimes, but not Ukraine.

Anna Netrebko is of a Kuban Cossack background. With an origin that goes back to territory in modern day Ukraine, which was part of the Russian Empire, the Kuban Cossacks appear to be primarily of Russian and Ukrainian ethnic backgrounds, with an understanding that it can be at times a fine line in determining what is and isn’t ethnic Russian and ethnic Ukrainian, inclusive of being of both backgrounds.  

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