Will Ukrainian Students Posing with Neo-Nazi UPA Flag in Poland Lose Their “Polish Card”?


December 30, 2014


Translated from Polish by J. Hawk

As you know, Ukrainian students at the State Eastern European College in Przemysl photographed themselves with a Ukrainian Insurgent Army flag. As it turns out, something similar happened in Rzeszow. The New Right Party of Janusz Korwin-Mikke is demanding they be deprived of their “Polish Cards”.

At the Przemysl photo there are 9 Ukrainians, including 6 students from the Eastern European College. The photos provoked a wave of criticism against both the flag and the persons who photographed themselves with it. The students are facing expulsion from the university. They wrote a statement in which they apologize to the Polish nation and emphasize they are not Bandera supporters, asking they be not deprived of their “Polish Cards” which allow them to study at Polish universities.

However, the New Right Party is demanding that they lose that privilege. Letters to that effect were sent to the local governor and the Minister of Foreign Affairs Grzegorz Schetyna.

As we noted on our facebook account, the photograph from Przemysl was not the only such incident. A similar one took place in Rzeszow.

Translator’s Note: 

This incident underscores the unviability of the Maidan project. The neo-fascist leanings of the current Kiev government can be kept hidden from the Polish public only for so long. Once the Polish society realizes the events in Kiev do not represent a “triumph of democracy” but rather something very dangerous to European stability and security, Polish-Ukrainian relations will likely turn for the worse. It also shows the cynicism of the current foreign policy pursued by Poland. Evidently the “red-and-black” (blood and soil) flags are perfectly acceptable when they are flown in Ukraine, including by military formations “pacifying” the Donbass. So surely Poland should have no objections to them being flown on Polish soil?

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