Yatsenyuk Ultimatum: “Me or the budget”



The Prime minister of Ukraine has again brought up the subject of his resignation. At this point the premier is prepared to leave his post in the case that the Verkhovna Rada does not accept the government’s budget by the end of the year — this according to member of parliament Sergey Mishchenko.

In the words of the representative, Yatsenyuk has issued an ultimatum: It’s either him or the budget.

Yesterday the Ukrainian Parliament, in special session, examined the country’s essential financial document for the upcoming year, but it does not, as the distributed means of the people, meet the approbation of the majority of the deputies.

At the present time, a so-called “Financial Maidan” is advancing on the Parliament building, as disgruntled citizens of Ukraine have come up to the walls of the Parliament to demand that parliament examine the budget with consideration of the interests of the people.

Apparently the ultimatum worked, because later Yatsenyuk budget was approved.

Translated from Russian by Tom Winter

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