Yushchenko Calls For a Government of National Unity: “We Have to Avoid the Impression That Either The West or The East Had Won”


December 25, 2014


Is Yushchenko presenting himself as a candidate of national unity to replace Poroshenko who, as Shariy notes, is being squeezed out of the game? And, moreover, one might think his approach would meet with approval not only in Moscow but also in Berlin, Brussels, and possibly even in Washington. [Tr.]

The former president of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko announced that he took no part in the Euromaidan events, because its participants were calling for the release from prison of the former Prime Minister Yuliya Timoshenko. He discussed this in an interview with Ukrainian Pravda.

“When the entire Maidan is chanting: “Free Yulia!”, this is no place for me,” – stated Yushchenko, adding that Timoshenko’s task includes undermining the current president of Ukraine.

“Should Timoshenko see Petr Alekseyevich Poroshenko stumble, you’ll see what her task has been all along,” – noted the former president.

Yushchenko also stated that he did visit the Maidan, however, in the words of the former head of state, he was not an ideological supporter of the participants.

“I understood perfectly well that within the closed circle of political leaders who appeared on the Maidan there existed another political project, parallel to what was occurring on the Maidan. Once I started to witness mimicry, once I realized that the high-minded and proper demands of our smart young generation are serving as a cover for transforming the government, I realized that we were entering a major national calamity”, – said the former president.

“The presidential candidate and former prime minister Yuliya Timoshenko is “100% toxic for Ukraine” – the former President Viktor Yushchenko stated this during the presentation of his book “Non-State Secrets. Notes on the Fields of Memory.”

“During the revolution the struggle for the pro-European course was replaced in favor of a political battle. In the current situation we ought to form a government of national unity, or perhaps a government of national reconciliation. Ultimately a technocratic government. In order to avoid the impression that either the West or East had won” – said Yushchenko, reported RBK Ukraine.

Translated from Russian by Mike for FortRuss.blogspot.com

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