DPR’s “Givi” takes 8 “cyborgs” prisoner, including 1 senior officer. [Video at the link]



DPR’s “Givi” takes 8 “cyborgs” prisoner. [Video at the link]

By J.Hawk

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The 8 Ukrainian soldiers were what remained of a unit which was sent to the Donetsk Airport with the instructions to…transport Ukrainian wounded out of the terminal, which they assumed was still held by Kiev-loyal forces. They discovered it was otherwise only when they ran into “Givi’s” ambush. This incident suggests a certain degree of chaos among the Ukrainian military formations. It’s one thing for Kiev TV stations to continue claiming the airport is held by Ukrainian formations. It’s something else altogether for local commanders to not know what the situation on the ground is.

Update: The captured soldier on the photograph above facing “Givi” has been identified as a battalion commander from the 93rd Brigade, Colonel Oleg Mikats. If someone at that level of command is unaware of the situation at the front, who on the Ukrainian side is?

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