Terror in Kharkov



Nationalist Terror on the Rise in Kharkov, “Counter-Terror” Preparations on the Outskirts of City.

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

Per earlier reporting by Russian Spring, the head of the
Committee of National Security and Defense “Bloody Pastor” Aleksandr Turchinov
visited Kharkov on the way to the Donbass. He announced that the city is
undergoing “counter-terror preparations” in order to prevent any signs of

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Turchinov’s program includes the establishment of fortified
checkpoints on approaches to Kharkov and the police and National Guard
surrounding 42 strategic facilities.

At the same time Kharkov saw growing activity by the
nationalists who organized riots by the city hall, and clashed with law
enforcements against whom it used smoke grenades.

The pro-fascist activists’ displeasure was provoked by
Kharkov mayor Kernes’ refusal to finance the defense of Kharkov at the expense
of the city budget. The nationalists demanded 2% of the city’s coffers for “defense.”

Kernes replied that the city is already financing modular
housing for refugees, is giving discounts to families with multiple children and
students, and does not have money for everything. In response he received riots
organized by the nationalists.

One constantly hears threats to “screen” city council
deputies as well as Kernes himself. Kharkov SBU [Ukrainian Security Service]
broke up the Iskhod community organization. Its leader Oleg Novikov was arrested
and accused of collusion with terrorism. Minister of Internal Affairs Avakov,
not waiting for the results of investigation, already announced that a long
prison term awaits Novikov.

By all accounts, Kharkov is experiencing a genuine terror
campaign sanctioned by the Ukrainian government.

Translator’s Note: Kiev’s tactics are becoming increasingly
heavy-handed. Such tactics can suppress opposition but usually do not eliminate
it—rather the opposite is likely to happen. Moreover, the construction of field
fortifications on approaches to Kharkov suggests Turchinov fears the collapse
of the front in front of either LPR or DPR (or both), followed by Novorossia
forces advancing westward. It’s interesting that he chose not to send
reinforcements to the frontline but instead assigned them to focus on Kharkov.

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