Right Sector prepares to seize power in Kiev



The “Right Sector” is forming the 13th Reserve Volunteer Battalion

By Yurasumy

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

The terrorist organization Right Sector is building up its
armed presence in Ukraine: it is forming a reserve volunteer battalion in Kiev.
This move was announced by Right Sector press service.

“I am ordering to create a reserve battalion in Kiev with
the designation of ‘13th Reserve Battalion of the Ukrainian
Volunteer Corps ‘Right Sector’,” says the order issued by the battalion
commander, Andrey Strempitskiy.

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The new battalion will be led by a fighter with the
call-sign Khorvat [Croatian] and his deputy will be “Byes” [Devil].

There are a number of interesting aspects to this

No. 1. This is already the Thirteenth battalion. Considering
that each battalion has approximately 300-350 members, one can imagine how many
militants the Right Sector will have at its disposal in the near future.

No. 2. The term “Reserve”. This implies the battalion will
represent a Right Sector “garrison” in Kiev. I’m sure similar battalions will
be issued in other big cities. The purpose is self-evident, namely influence
over Ukraine’s internal politics. Naturally this implies reliance on relatively
youthful “ultras), who will be used under Right Sector flag to “reformat” Ukraine’s
internal political system.

The preparation for reformatting the junta (which we could
call an overthrow) has entered a new phase. Local military formations are being
openly formed (their status implies at the very least the possession of
automatic weapons) in order to strengthen their positions in the regions. The
mass media is already creating a wave of “it’s all Poroshenko’s fault”,
officials loyal to him (minister of defense, general staff chief, prosecutor
general) are being dismissed. But the most important thing is that Poroshenko
alone is being blamed for everything that had gone wrong on the Donbass (granted,
not by all media, but by the hawkish ones). Interesting that the fight against “murderization”
[i.o.w., mobilization] was framed, thanks to the timely statements by Katsaba,
in terms of “sure, we’ll fight, but only if martial law is introduced, so it
should be introduced,” “we are being called up because the security forces—police,
prosecutor’s office, tax police, internal affairs, children of the elite—do not
want to fight.” Therefore the circle of enemies has been personified.

Conclusion: The pro-US junta is doing everything to solve
all problems simultaneously. One has to somehow deal with the popular
discontent and deprive Poroshenko of any actual power. The simplest way is to
head a protest movement and organize an overthrow. Not important whether
political or military. It is important to be ready for any turn of events. That’s
why the Right Sector is forming reserve battalions.

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