A Day of Battle and Sorrow: January 18 Summary of Events



Novorossia News Summary for January 18, 2015

By Cassad


Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

1.      The
junta had lost the new terminal and, in spite of all the attempts to reclaim
it, has suffered a tactical defeat here. Today’s attempt to strike at the junction
between the village of Spartak and the concentration of airport buildings
turned into a battle at the Putilovskiy bridge, where the breakthrough attempt
was destroyed. Novorossia Armed Forces (NAF) infantry, which has held the new
terminal for already a couple of days, with artillery support it quite
comfortably defeated junta attacks. Junta’s failure does not mean that new such
attempts will not occur over night or tomorrow.

2.      At
the same time NAF launched an attack on Peski, penetrating into the village and
engaging in street battles, slowly but surely advancing. The enemy is putting
up desperate resistance, which means that one cannot yet speak of full control
over Peski. Both sides are actively using tube and rocket artillery and are
bringing up reserves, which prevents a rapid resolution of the battle, which is
now one of attrition. Junta artillery near Peski, Avdeyevka, and Krasnogorovka
is coming under very heavy artillery strikes, as are junta positions near
Maryinka. The intermediate objective of this effort is to reduce the intensity
of bombardment of civilian areas. Our forces reached the outskirts of
Avdeyevka, which suggests the village may be attacked overnight.

3.      DPR
and LPR are heavily suffering from terror bombardments of the fascist junta.
Today Gorlovka suffered most of all, as enemy shells hit not only the outskirts
but the center. Casualty numbers are still unknown, but it is likely to reach
dozens. Enemy aviation struck Gorlovka for the first time since summer, which
indicates the seriousness of junta’s intentions. Apart from shelling, the enemy
conducted reconnaissance by force in front of Gorlovka, which failed. In spite
of the high intensity of operations, the enemy has not introduced new forces
into battle.

4.      Neither
side was successful in launching attacks in the vicinity of the Bakhmutka road
and Slavyanoserbsk, due to the high level of artillery activity. Counterattack
attempts toward Stanitsa Luganskaya following failed junta attacks along that
sector likewise had no result, and the town is still held by the junta.

5.      In
spite of superiority of forces around Mariupol, NAF has not yet gone on
offensive, preferring to shell enemy positions. Enemy reserves are still held
in depth due to fear of attack by NAF mechanized forces.

6.      The
very visible Voyentorg activity is based on foundations laid down in November,
when efforts were being made to increase the pace of its activity, including
the training of its “workers” and fine-tuning of “instruments.” The pace of intensification
was being delayed due to political considerations, but as soon as diplomacy
reached its dead end which was evident after Milano [???], it received a green
light and Voentorg began to work at a pace exceeding its August 2014 efforts.
The preparations were not in vain, as already in November it was clear that the
events were leading to war which, in spite of all the mantras to the contrary,
will begin in winter and not in the spring, since the US is not about to wait
for Putin to order Novorossia to surrender. Of course, those who observed these
preparations already in November could poke fun at all those suggesting Putin
was about to surrender Novorossia so it could join a “unified pro-Russian
Ukraine.” I think that many will now understand my careful optimism in
December-January. From the point of view of military planning, junta’s current
behavior was being predicted since November. Warnings from DPR intelligence and
defense ministry, Strelkov, Petrovskiy, and others (aside from collection of
information through own channels) reached the “Voentorg leadership” one way or
another, and the leadership undertook practical measures (some of which can be
seen on Novorossia roads) to meet the possible threat. Naturally, knowledge by
itself does not provide a 100% guarantee that countermeasures will be 100%
effective (I heard certain doubts concerning this point from quite competent
individuals), combat operations will show to what extent the threat was
anticipated by those whose job it was to anticipate.

7.      Naturally,
the unfolding scenario is making it extremely difficult to return to the Minsk
or Normandy format, particularly since the junta needed those formats only in
the event it suffered a military defeat, and the US likewise does not need to
conduct negotiations unless it has to. Therefore all attempts to steer the
situation toward a political resolution will be torpedoed by Kiev and
Washington. Russia did not want this scenario and strenuously tried to avoid it
(and, moreover, will try to put the toothpaste back into the tube), but due to
the circumstances and the insistent demands by the “fortress of Good” it could
not avoid it and therefore now it has no choice but to win (by inflicting one
or more defeats on junta forces) because a military defeat in Novorossia is
unacceptable to Russia. One can only expect that as junta suffers defeats
Russia will experience sharply increased diplomatic and economic pressure.

We can only wish NAF fighters and Voentorg workers bravery
and successes in their battle against the fascist junta. They have a lot of
work ahead of them. I want to warn against any “cakewalk” talk, as the struggle
will be hard, prolonged, and bloody. One must not underestimate the enemy. But
Novorossia will not return under junta rule.

Translator’s Note: I suspect the reason for the sudden
Ukrainian return to military operations has less to do with US preferences than
with the fact time is really not on Kiev’s side. The economy is tanking,
default approaching, “partners” disinterested in rendering financial assistance.
The longer Kiev waits, the greater the domestic unrest will become. Let’s not
forget the warnings by Semenchenko and other battalion commanders that the
troops are getting restless. Poroshenko desperately needs the war in order to distract
domestic opposition (from his own stormtroopers, no less) and to help persuade
foreign financial institutions this government is still capable of exerting
control over Ukrainian territory. But that’s precisely why the war is so
dangerous to the junta—one major setback, and the house of cards could well
fall. It is not even clear how many forces Kiev still has at its disposal, other than those that have already been committed to battle. It’s highly unlikely that the August 2014 losses had been made good. Also, it’s remarkable that no Western pressure has been exerted on Russia
yet. While a few hard-liners here and there (e.g., Sweden’s former foreign
minister Bildt) tried to raise alarm but so far at least they have been
studiously ignored. Ukraine fatigue has set in and nobody knows what to do with
the zombie state to the east of Poland whose interaction with the West consists
of incessant begging for money, weapons, and sanctions against Russia, while
failing to offer any financial benefit for its Western “benefactors.”

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Kristina Kharlova
Kristina Kharlova (@kristina-kharlova)
6 years ago

I am hoping someone who can send it in Russian will make the case for this move to the relevant authorities.

The Ukrainians lead the world in their ability to avoid facts they do not want to know, but there is one fact they would not ignore: the identity of a soldier KIA unacknowledged by Kiev. A website giving this information, or a page on the DNR and DPR websites, would be sought out and watched by everyone with a missing friend or relative, and would be fought for if the authorities tried to block it.

Kononov has told us many times that DNR has this information. Presumably it has been given to the opposing forces.

Give it to the people! Their morale is being propped up by chants of "Glory to the Heroes" while the bodies of the "heroes" are abandoned to packs of feral dogs. Let the people face the perfidy of their government and its contempt for their dead and bereaved.

Kristina Kharlova
Kristina Kharlova (@kristina-kharlova)
6 years ago

Agreed. This was how the site SyrianPerspective began, by the way: by daily listing the names and places of death of the "terrorists" killed by the Syrian Arab Army. It's an important service, and would be a quick way to obtain wide readership on the "other side".

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