All Quiet on the Eastern Front?



Europeans are finally waking up? Putin’s play successful?

By Ivanoctober 

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

I wrote this post with the assistance of Kagemushanatako
[another blogger] and a patriot from occupied Novorossia whose pseudonym I am
not going to name. As I see it, many seem worried by the danger that Europe
will join the “I am Volnovakha” hysteria, the LPR/DPR will be labeled terrorist
groups, and so forth. No worries, it’s not going to happen. It’s already clear
Europe completely ignored Volnovakha and is not even turning its attention to
the resumption of combat operations. OSCE is withdrawing some of its observers
from Ukraine and can’t say who is responsible for Volnovakha.

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A short digest of today’s German media:

1.      The
Volnovakha bus provocation was a total failure.

2.      Even
OSCE does not know who is responsible for the bus explosion and submits a
corresponding report.

3.      The
“I am Volnovakha” action is not being supported by anyone in Europe.

4.      Russia
is no longer a participant in the conflict, it is only mentioned as an
intermediary and a party capable of exerting influence.

5.      Today
for the first time they mentioned Ukrainian “war parties” (plural) which do not
want the war to end.

6.      Today
for the first time they described how Poroshenko disappointed the people of
Ukraine, who promised to end the war but failed to do so.

7.      Combat
operations in the Donbass from the last two days ARE NOT MENTIONED in European
media. Apparently there is no war. None at all. Conclusion: someone is being
given a green light to finally tie up loose ends.

Translator’s Note: These are astute observations since,
indeed, the tone of the reporting in the US likewise has changed. Earlier any
setback suffered by the Ukrainian military was accompanied by claims of Russian
invasion (interestingly, even Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk seem to be refraining
from making such claims) and stepped up sanctions. To be sure, the Volnovakha
tragedy was likely a misunderstanding or an accident, rather than a set-up of
some sort. But in any event, since Europeans don’t really consider Ukrainians
as somehow possessing lives whose worth even approaches those of Westerners,
obviously there will be no reaction to this incident. At the very least, one
can suspect Western powers-that-be are helping Kiev understand that the days of
blind support are over, and do not want to encourage Kiev warmongers in any way
since it only leads to escalation and greater financial burdens on Ukraine’s so-called
“western partners.”

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