Azov Commander Freaks Out, Calls the War “Lost”, Blames Everybody



Azov Battalion Commander: “The West did not help, the war is lost, the situation at the front is critical.”

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

Ukrainian politicians and generals “already lost the war,”
and “West did not help.” That’s the core of the statement by Azov punitive
battalion commander’s, and currently also Rada Deputy’s Andrey Biletsky in his “Address
to the Nation” which he published on his official Facebook page.

He dismissed as forlorn hope the notion that “Russia will
calm down,” but he still called on Ukrainians to mobilize, become “cannon
fodder”, and go off to die in the East.

“The situation at the front is critical. The wake-up can be
very painful. We have to look the truth in the eye.”

According to Biletsky, Ukraine failed to prepare for the
confrontation. He is certain that Kiev did nothing “during the four months of ‘ceasefire’
to strengthen its defenses.”

“I don’t want to imitate the tens and hundreds of
propagandists and home-front heroes who are trying to calm the Nation down. They
are spinning tales of “heroism”, “stabilization” of the front, thousands of
supposedly killed enemies and burned out tanks. The wake-up can be very
painful. We need to look the truth in the eye. We face a powerful and craven
enemy. Who has been long preparing to commit aggression. We have to admit that
we used to embarrassingly call the enemy our friend and strategic partner. That
we found ourselves unprepared for the confrontation. And even with four months
of ‘ceasefire’, did nothing to strengthen own defenses. That during all this
time we put our hopes in an abstract ‘maybe’: maybe Russia will calm down if we
forget about Crimea; maybe the West will help us, and so on. Russia did not
calm down and the West did not help,” notes Biletsky.

“Time has come to make the most important of decisions, both
as individuals and as a people, decision whether to live or to die. If the
decision is to die, then everything is clear and simple. But if to live, it means
to fight! To fight cruelly, painfully, for a long time and with complete
selflessness. This war cannot be a war of generals and politicians. They
already lost their war. This is a war of an armed people. Here, at the front,
there are plenty of weapons and of determination. We need men, fighters,
volunteers. We need everyone for whom Ukraine and its will are real things for
which one is willing to die. Come! The frontline brotherhood is saying its welcome
to you! Glory to Ukraine!” concludes the neo-Nazi.

Translator’s Note: Everybody on the Ukrainian far-right is
saying these things. The war is going badly, the generals and the politicians
have lost it, now is our turn. It would seem that, like Grishin/Semenchenko and
Yarosh, Biletsky is positioning himself for the inevitable post-campaign
recriminations toward, well, everybody within the current Ukrainian political
elite. Even though his own military accomplishments are nil, it will not
prevent him from establishing himself as the frontline soldier-cum-politician
who had saved Ukraine. He has an advantage in that most politicians have not
served at the front, and most actual military commanders don’t play at

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