Bizarre Azov battalion training caught on tape: shouting “White power!” and throwing Nazi gestures (video)


January 27, 2015
Translated by Kristina Rus

“Azov” fighters training puzzled Internet users

A video appeared online, which showed the training of fighters of the Ukrainian nationalist regiment “Azov”.

“Mercenaries-fascists of the regiment “Azov” staged a bizarre training dance to skinhead music. Half naked militants shouting “White power!” and “White pride” (international neo-fascist slogans and throwing arms in a Nazi salute”, – said one of the comments to the video. Other users described it as “crazy” and “a sect of Satanists”.

Earlier, the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada and the commander of the “Azov” battalion Andrey Biletsky reported about the changing moods in the regiment. On his page on Facebook, he wrote that for the generals and politicians “the war is already lost”.

“The situation at the front is critical. Awakening can be very painful. We must look the truth in the eye,” – wrote Biletsky, while urging Ukrainians to join his battalion. According to the commander of the “Azov”, the Ukrainian side was not ready for this confrontation. He believes that Kiev, even during the four month ceasefire has done nothing to strengthen its defense.

“Azov” – one of the most famous units of the Ukrainian National Guard, was formed as a battalion in the fall, and then expanded to a regiment. The regiment consists of staunch nationalists – Ukrainian and mercenaries from other countries. The regiment uses symbolism of SS of Nazi Germany in it’s flag. There were nnumerous reports of harassment and war crimes perpetrated by the fighters of “Azov” against the civilian population.

Azov is headquatered in Mariupol.

Mariupol residents report that Azov fighters get drunk and pull over cars demanding money. People also have been disappearing in Mariupol since Azov set up camp there.

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