Bloodbath at Peski? Ukrainian Media Reporting Heavy AFU Casualties



Peski under Buratino fire. There are many killed.

Translated from Ukrainian by J.Hawk

Russian terrorists have used their super-weapons. Just this
moment Peski came under fire from heavy artillery. It ended when the terrorists
used Buratinos [TOS-1 heavy self-propelled flame/fuel-air-explosive rocket
launcher]. According to our information, Peski are mostly burned out, and
artillery battle is continuing. Ukrainian losses are simply catastrophic. We are
awaiting further information.

Translator’s Note: That such news should even see the light
of day suggests a certain degree of panic on the Ukrainian side. And,
typically, any Ukrainian setback automatically leads to accusations of Russian
involvement, though even the photograph above which the Ukrainian media used is of…Azeri
TOS-1’s during a parade in Baku. Evidently even Azerbaijan is now intervening in the Donbass.

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