“But as of today we control part of Debaltsevo”–Militia Situation Update

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A DPR Militiaman next to a captured Ukrainian MTLB armored personnel carrier


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Militia  Situation Update, 1/27/2015, 22:03 Donetsk local time

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

Fighting continues. The Kalinin and Komsomolets parts of
Gorlovka are under attack. A Ukrainian column broke through the still-weak
defense at Artemovo and advanced on Gorlovka, where most of them were killed in
a fire ambush by Rapira anti-tank guns and ATGMs. Artemovo, Shumy, and most of
Mayorsk are in our hands. We have unconfirmed reports that we captured
Chernukhino. In the Debaltsevo sector constant fighting, lack of communications
with individual units. But as of today we control part of Debaltsevo (the
village of Oktyabrskiy), Novogrigorevka, and Kruglik (located between Debaltsevo
and Chernukhino). Therefore Debaltsevo itself is now half-encircled. Ukrainian
forces attempted to retake their positions there but were repelled by militia
heavy fire.

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