“Dear Ukrainians! Are you out of your mind?”–Russia’s “liberal” opposition sees the light…



Alfred Koch: “Ukrainians are out of their minds.”

By Dmitriy Zhizdrov

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

“One the one hand they are screaming that Russia is at war
with them and that they are victims of aggression, but on the other hand they
travel back and forth and are partying in Russia.”

It’s difficult to suspect Alfred Koch of sympathy toward the
Russian government which he had earlier strongly criticized.

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However (apparently after Ukraine appealed to the EU not to
lift sanctions until not only it returns Crimea but also pays compensation for
supposedly inflicted damage), even that offended emigrant could not take it any
longer and tore “dear Ukrainians” a new one. So much so that the most extreme
expletives had to be deleted.

From Koch’s Facebook account:

“Goddamit! I’m finally getting tired of sympathizing with
Ukraine. This is a serious case of mindf***.

On the one hand they are always screaming that Russia is
waging war on them and that they are victims of aggression, but on the other
hand they go back and forth, and even party in Russia…

They buy gas, electricity. And there is ongoing trade with
Russia…But at the same time they are insisting the West not lift sanctions,
which means it should not trade with Russia and suffer losses…

They scream that evil Muscovy stole Crimea, but they are
supplying water, electricity. For money, of course, at very good rates…

Something here does not make sense: so their soldiers are
dying in battles with Muscovites and sub-Muscovites, but at the same time they
are trading with the enemy (?), sign treaties, haggle over prices…

It’s hard to imagine USSR trading with Germany after 22
June 1941. Unless this is a phony war, for show, for the idiots? In order to
distract attention from real problems? Whereas serious people get to talk about
gas and other issues. Got it!

Judging by the fact that Ukrainian generals decided to turn the
war into an endless TV show (and why not? For some it’s war and for others it’s
home sweet home…), endless assaults on pointless targets (for example, the
Donetsk Airport) will continue until their own soldiers, having come to their
senses, will put their own generals against the wall…

It’s been a year since they overthrew Yanukovych, and so far
none of the promised economic and political reforms have been delivered…All
they do is secure new and new credits. How do you propose to pay them back? You
even managed to borrow money from Russia, when you are at war!

How long will you continue testing our sympathies? Because
as soon as you say something, you get the same response: imperialist, Putin
stooge, go f*** yourself! And again they ask for money: yes, we know that we
have a pack of thieves running Kiev, but don’t pay any attention to them! We
have formed a nation in the meantime! We’ll show you yet! Everyone will see!

Well? Show us! How long do we have to wait?”

Koch wrote the second part after he read Ukrainian replies
to his initial post:

“M***** F******!

Dear Ukrainians! Are you out of your mind?

I got buried under a pile of identical replies (the words
vary, but the content is the same): we are in a state of a de-facto war with
Russia. Yes, Russians are all f****** and murderers. All without exception.
Despicable, harmful subhumans. And you, Koch, are one of them. Don’t even try
to suck up to us. Us, the great founders of all democratic values of the entire
world and the vicinity.

And our fallen soldiers are heroes whose passing we mourn.

But! (And here starts the mindf***) We (write my
correspondents) are not so wealthy as to forgo trade with the sh***y Russia,
especially when it’s beneficial to us. Europe is wealthy, let it introduce
sanctions. For Europe such economic losses are a mosquito bite.

So, what can I say… What is striking that all of those
people think they are exceptionally clever, they have thought out everything:
they fight and at the same time trade with the enemy (what’s there to
understand: it’s profitable! To both sides!), and the stupid and vile Koch is
simply an ill-wisher.

I feel something snapped in my head. Have I grasped the
truth? Pinch me. I’m talking nonsense…”

It seems that Europe is beginning to realize with whom they
established relations.

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