Denis Pushilin: Mariupol provocation was staged to involve USA


January 25, 2015

Dennis Pushilin – News Front (Youtube)

Translated by Krisitna Rus

Reporter: Local grocery stores are experiencing problems with deliveries of products, is this true?

Pushilin: In reality the economic blockade has intensified. They did not institute any permits, they simply shot down passenger and cargo traffic. This is an element of pressure, another show of aggression from Kiev, besides the shelling of our cities, they also try to suppress us economically.

Reporter: Are there any solutions?

Pushilin: Of course there are solutions. Certainly, it is the peace process. Regarding the shelling of the cities – the only opportunity is to suppress the positions of the enemy from which the civilian locations are shelled. We have noticed that the shelling reduced. But other provocations increased. We saw what happened in Mariupol yesterday. It is unfortunately another attempt to blame the militia, to show us in the bad light.Today we heard an announcement that this was needed in order to replace the Minsk format with Geneva format and involve the USA. This is what was announced by Poroshenko.

Reporter: As far as food products, is there an opportunity to deliver them from another state?

Pushilin: The ministry is working on substitution of the food products. Our stores will not be left without an assortment of goods. It will decrease for some period. It is a big question whether this will be solved on the Ukrainian side. Ukraine simply imitates the peace process, and ultimately does something else. We are looking to realize an alternative route for product deliveries to the territory of our state.

Reporter: Will this be from a neighboring friendly state?

Pushilin: Yes, of course

Reporter: You said that you have to suppress the firing points of the enemy, because you cannot come to an agreement, and have to use force to stop the artillery?

Pushilin: Of course, at this point all agreements that we have reached at the common center with representatives of Ukraine, ourselves, and intermediaries from Russia and  OSCE – these agreements are not fulfilled by the Ukrainian side. And we saw continuous shelling from Donetsk airport. As soon as we pushed their positions back,  the shelling went down several times. This is the language they understand. We deliberately did not fire at the field headquarters, or other divisions, only at the firing positions. 

Reporter: So there was no other choice?

Pushilin: Absolutely

Reporter: Thank you very much

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