Deputy Semen Semenchenko responsible for falsifying documents


January 7, 2015
Translated from Russian by J. Hawk

[Ukrainian newspaper] Obozrevatel has in its possession several different types of identity documents issued to the National Guard reservists which suggest that Verkhovna Rada Deputy Semen Semenchenko in June awarded himself military rank and authority.

On one day, June 19 2014, the volunteers of the Donbass battalion received several types of identity documents signed by Semen Semenchenko.

Some of the identity papers bear the signature of Semenchenko, who assumed the duty of the commanding officer of military unit number 3027 and military rank of lieutenant colonel. Other identity papers, also dated June 19, bear the signature of the commander of National Guard unit 3027 commander, Colonel V. G. Musienko.

The Presidential Decree awarding Semen Igoryevich Semenchenko the order of Bohdan Khmelnytsky, 3rd Grade, dated September 1, the Donbass Battalion commander is described as a Captain of National Guard Reserve.

Obozrevatel investigation suggests that the persona of Semen Igoryevich Semenchenko appeared only in August. Up to mid-august the current deputy chair of the Verkhovna Rada Committee for National Security and Defense, Deputy Semenchenko, had a different name: Konstantin Grishin.
It means that no Semen Semenchenko was authorized to command a battalion, issue orders, or bear responsibility for them in either June or July. One should ascertain whether the identity papers issued by “lieutenant colonel Semenchenko” authorized their recipients to carry weapons.

The knives (long and short) are clearly out for Grishin/Semenchenko, as the actions he is being accused of are grossly illegal and severely punishable. Grishin/Semenchenko and his ilk are a plague on Ukraine’s society and the major obstacle to any negotiated settlement concerning Novorossia. However, since the policy of confrontation the “volunteers” are advocating is pushing Ukraine into an economic abyss, the Ukrainian government is facing a stark choice: do they “remove” Semenchenko and others of his kind (and therefore the most reliable and fanatical support for the current Kiev government), or allow them to continue to undermine Ukraine’s stability and sovereignty?

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