Donbass Leads the Race to Control Armed Groups in Ukraine


Commander “Batman”

January 4, 2014
Aleksey Blyuminov – Facebook
Translated from Russian by Kristina Rus

Re: The liquidation of NAF commander Bednov, aka “Batman”: 

The current rulers of LPR got their own “Sashko Bely”. I have been waiting for this for a while. Because honestly, I do not see any other way to take these people out of the game. This is not Strelkov, who left when he was asked.
You need to understand that any government seeks to establish full control over its territory. This is called sovereignty. If the government only formally controls the territory, and the real levers of control are in the hands of Batman, Fobus, Maniac, Omega, Batia and other ‘good’ people, it’s a mess, where every Cossack on each checkpoint is himself the authority, the court and the Prosecutor General in one person.

Any lawful order begins with the establishment by authority, acting on behalf of the state, of its monopoly on the use of legitimate violence. To punish and pardon is the exclusive right of the structures of the state, no matter how bad they may seem to someone at the moment. Alternative – Chechnya of Maskhad. Many would like to see such “Chechnya” in Donbass.

When on November 2nd elections were held in LPR, the appearance of unquestionably legitimate authorities was the main result. The elections were not held to allow anarchy to flourish in LPR and DPR and keep the power in the hands of the warlords. Whether you like Plotnitsky or not, but after the election he is the only legitimate authority in LPR. And, importantly, the power with which Russia is ready to cooperate.

In this sense, what is happening is rough, dirty, but an inevitable process in terms of bringing order and control over the territory. Those commanders who understood the essence of the moment, are feeling fine and successfully integrated into the structures of LPR. Those who did not get it and are still trying to play with the reconstruction of early feudalism, are simply shot.

If we are talking about some hopes for a peaceful life and something similar to the rule of law, there is no other way. In LPR, as in Ukraine today, the main obstacle to return to life of the written law is a strong Man with a gun, asserting his own laws.

There can be no opposition with a gun. There cannot be opposition with its own army. And the army can not be in opposition. The choice is simple. Either the laws are written by elected people and their compliance is enforced by legal and controlled law enforcement agencies or, if not, the country starts to fall apart like Ukraine with its Right Sector, Aidar and Azov.

Poroshenko is now losing control because he doesn’t have influence over the armed groups, which are acquiring different political ambitions.

And attempts to fasten the armed groups to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Ministry of Defense give nothing in terms of making them more accountable to the government. On the contrary, the integration of militants into authority structures only adds to their legitimacy. The very legitimacy that official authorities are losing.

The first between Kiev and Donbass to more effectively solve the problem of disarmament of uncontrolled legal authority of the armed gangs and neutralize those who do not want to lay down their arms – will become the assemblage point for a future transition to civilian life.

There should be no illusions. The new order will be authoritarian. Hopes for democracy burned in the fires of the Maidan. And the people will be fighting for a long time to win back their right for participatory democracy.

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