DPR Ministry of Defense: In the last two days AFU lost 700 soldiers and 37 pieces of equipment.



DPR Ministry of Defense: In the last two days AFU lost 700
soldiers and 37 pieces of equipment.


Translated from Russian by J. Hawk

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“Due to the stepped up shelling of DPR civilian areas, we
have seen more casualties among civilians. Medical facilities received 44
people, including four children (one in intensive care). Nine civilians were
killed, including one child (girl, 4 years of age)”—this was the announcement
made on January 19 by Eduard Basurin, a deputy corps commander of the Ministry
of Defense of the DPR.

“Yesterday’s shelling caused destruction of 81 buildings. “We
have noted 56 cases of shelling of civilian areas, and this includes only
weapons between 82mm and 150mm. Fire from smaller-caliber weapons was not
counted. All parts of Donetsk came under fire, except for the Proletarskiy region.
81 buildings were destroyed. There are interruptions in the work of the
electrical and heating networks,” said Basurin.

He added that Ukrainian forces violated the ceasefire by
bombardments and attempts at breakthrough. “Combat operations are being
conducted along the entire front line, starting with the south (the Sea of
Azov) and ending in the north. The enemy is using heavy weapons everywhere. In
some places he is attempting to break the front line. The ceasefire announced
by the Ukrainian side that was to go into effect at midnight of January 19 is
not being implemented. We have noted 10 violations of ceasefire agreements
between midnight and 10am,” said Basurin.

Furthermore, Basurin noted that only over the last day AFU lost
16 pieces of equipment. “They include four BMPs, two tanks (one of them
captured by us), 7 BTRs. About 200 killed and wounded. Overall in two days the
enemy lost 37 pieces of combat equipment and about 700 killed and wounded.
There are losses among the militia, 8 killed and 33 wounded,” underscored
Basurin. He also announced that on January 18 the center of Gorlovka came under
heavy artillery bombardment. AFU aircraft dropped a half-ton bomb on the city.

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