“Enemy is squandering his numerical superiority”–Novorossia Militia



Novorossia Militia Update, 1/28/2015

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

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“Today the Ukrainian forces prefer to shell us rather than
attack us. We are doing the same. Our attack on the Debaltsevo salient is
continuing. Fighting everywhere. Hot-spots of resistance in Lozovoy, but fewer
with every day, it’s like an ant-hill full of Ukrainians. Troitskoye has been
described as “ours” or “not ours”, but in actuality it is shared. Both our and
their forces are in the town, we take turns pushing one another out. A big
mess. Krasnyy Pakhar, on the other hand, definitely ours. We had to leave
Mironovskoye for Krasnyy Pakhar. A draw in Mironovka, high-intensity street
fights. It seems we took Shevchenko. But we need to wait on that one, we don’t
have fortifications or a defense plan yet. But Novoorlovka is definitely ours.
And we are ready to give the Ukrainians a warm greeting. It’s looking like a
stalemate along much of the front. There are more Ukrainians, but we have more
experience and higher morale. That balances the forces. But the enemy is
quickly squandering his numerical superiority in numerous, senseless, and
merciless attacks! We are able to hone our skills as if on a firing range, full
of drunk and drugged targets.  That’s the
only way Ukrainian forces attack right now.”

Translator’s Note: The battle is transforming into a
larger-scale re-enactment of the Donetsk Airport drama: first Novorossia forces
capture a vital location, then the Ukrainian forces beat themselves to pieces
trying to retake it in the face of militia artillery fire. And the Ukrainian
grouping in Debaltsevo still has not been relieved, and it has not attempted to
break out, although it’s not clear whether it still could attempt an offensive
maneuver of this sort. But this is a battle that the Kiev regime cannot afford
to lose, so it will continue its attacks until it runs out of battleworthy
units—or until it faces a rebellion in its own ranks.

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