Europeans, Putin is your last hope!

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January 31, 2015
Seva_Riga (Latvian blogger)
Translated by Kristina Rus

Europeans! Pray for Putin around the clock!

Because this is the only man who really fights for the interests of Europe.

This is especially noticeable against the background of the democratic type of leaders of the EU, the main objective of which is the urgent signing of a deal with Big Brother, after which the European economy can be disposed at a landfill, and you Europeans (and me too) – in the trash.

Moreover, in the process of this struggle for the welfare of Europe in general and of every European in particular, the Russian President, the government, and especially – the Russian Federation even forgets about their own country and people. No need to remember their words (I mean the repeated declarations of willingness to pay debt). Look at the real deeds: more than half of the budget money intended for dealing with the crisis in Russia, is sent to the banks – debtors of Europe. And what is interesting: the sum of the bailout is almost equal to the amount that the banks must pay to its European creditors.

Not a bad bailout. The only question is of whom? If the Russian budget money swiftly transiting through Russian banks will settle in the pockets of euro-financiers, this, gentlemen, is called the salvation of Europe from bankruptcy. And, seeing this, to call the President of Russia –  the enemy!… Europeans, you are total idiots…

Notice how quietly, literally whispering, speak the Euro-rulers with the new Prime Minister of Greece. And you know why? Because he said “Screw you, no money!” Probably 15 minutes after that in each cabinet, of each Euro-ruler a phone rang, and a couple of bankers from systemic banks said, observing the high calm and politeness: “If this is true, we are screwed!” Because there is nothing to cover the non-payment of 300 billion euros, despite successfully painted GDP, certified by all the world rating agencies. And now the Euro-rulers speak with Greece in a whisper, so that it wouldn’t materialize. And will agree (you’ll see) for everything, just to avoid default.

But with Russia the tone is different – rude and cheeky, as with a captain from a sunken ship. Although how much do Russian residents owe Europe? Right – two times more than Greece. But the Euro-rulers are calm and confident. Do you know why? Because they know that Putin will pay (will force to pay) no matter what. And they know this, and still he is the enemy. Europeans – what is wrong with you? Do you have a lot of solvent debtors? Literally, just he alone remains. Putin goes, and then what? Will the next one rush to pay you back? For some reason I do not observe a massive desire in Russia to do favors for Europe. The desire exists, but it is quite the opposite, and unprintable…. So pray that Putin will manage to return your money before you push him out.

By the way, about the Russian gas and oil, which you Europeans (and me too) consume for low (compared with English-Norwegian-American) prices. The size of budget aid, which the Russian government allocates to its banks, so they will pay you – it’s just the cost of 10 gas and oil refineries, after which there will be neither oil nor gas left for export by the RF. But instead will appear purchased today for foreign currency products of the chemical industry, which, by the way, the Chinese will urgently grab. And in Europe a whole industry will stall  immediately, which is engaged in buying the Russian oil and gas for two, refines and sells back to the RF for five, and lives off of these three percent …

Do you  Europeans think no one is aware of this business? Yes, it exists exactly as long as in Russia exists the government of stubborn Westerners, for whom the main purpose in politics is to make you favors. And you are trying to topple them…. Europeans! You are masochists… will replace Putin with Kadyrov, where will you all go with your tolerance and political correctness? Right there… Which completely corresponds with the desires of the Big Brother, for whose interests all this fuss was started.

For the sake of his interests, but rather for the sake of the interests of his trans-national corporations the handy Yanukovich was overthrown, who was leading Ukraine straight into the status of Euro-colony. But the Big Brother doesn’t want Ukraine in such status. And it is needed only in the form of ruins and debris, devouring Euro-resources, and as a reliable barrier between the Russian energy resources and the countries of the Old World. And here so far everything is going according to plan. New Ukro-rulers are exemplary self-destructing, metastasizing tension and instability on to the adjacent territories.

Carefully! Very carefully look, the Europeans, at documentary footage from Donbass. Everything that you see is a script written for Europe. Everything you see in Gorlovka, Donetsk, will be happening on the streets of Paris and Berlin, if the Big Brother will squash Novorossia, and the friendly Euro-family will be joined by the battalions on the Right Sector, and EU citizens of Arab origin will return to EU from ISIS with new combat experience. And for now the only person who is trying to prevent this – is the man, whom the “civilized European community” wants to isolate.

You are really crazy, Europeans. Because just as proto-ukry, you are violently destroying the last straw which can pull you out from … how to politically correctly call the place, where is the democratic economy of the tolerant Old World ? Yes, from there…

Have a nice weekend, Europe!

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