“Every time we take a new town I will tell you how many kilometers to your residence.”



DPR gives his word to Ukrainian prisoners of war during a press conference. The prisoners talk of heavy losses at the airport.

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

The DPR head told journalists about the results of the battles
of January 19 and 20. Contrary to Ukrainian announcements to the effect that
Ukrainian forces have not suffered heavy losses in battles near Peski and in
the airport terminal, captured soldiers said UAF lost a whole tank company in a
single day.

“They described the battle two days ago, when the Putilov
bridge was destroyed. While attempting to take the “Somali” and “Sparta” units
of the DPR by a pincer movement, they lost a tank company. That’s about 30
combat vehicles and 200 Ukrainian soldiers,” said LifeNews correspondent.

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The soldiers also told about today’s unsuccessful efforts to
take the airport. On January 20 they lost an equivalent of an infantry company—about
100 soldiers—killed.

A few survived because they were taken prisoner.
Zakharchenko said that their families can claim them and take them home without
waiting for a prisoner exchange. The same applies to the bodies of the killed.

Aleksandr Zakharchenko addressed the president of Ukraine

“Esteemed Mr. President, I summoned you to the airport.
There is a certain distance from the airport to Kiev, but from Peski the
distance is shorter. I will summon you again from Peski. Every time we take a
new town I will tell you how many kilometers to your
residence. I don’t know how long this continue, but our meeting will take
place, I promise you that”—said the DPR head.

Concerning Donetsk, DPR HQ reports rocket artillery fire.
Four civilians were killed, 12 were wounded. Big problems with electricity,
water, and heating gas supply. 

Translator’s Note: Zakharchenko’s objective is clearly stated in his address to Poroshenko: you will negotiate with me in good faith, sooner or later, and the later it happens the worse it will be for you. It’s the Putin Doctrine on a local level. It shows a considerable degree of confidence in the power of the DPR/LPR armed forces which, so far at least, does not look misplaced. Zakharchenko also made it very clear that there will be no more fake “ceasefires” which will be used mainly to attempt to restore Ukrainian military’s fighting ability, rather than to arrive at a comprehensive and final resolution of the conflict. It’s not clear whether Poroshenko can accept the offer. If he accepts, he will be accused of a “stab in the back” by Yarosh and everyone else who is simply waiting for him to stumble–even a lowlife like Semenchenko recently was ominously warning of a post-war investigation of the causes behind the most recent battlefield reverses. But if he doesn’t accept, he is risking the complete breakdown of the Ukrainian state. Unfortunately, Poroshenko may well be viewing the likelihood of his personal survival as higher in the second scenario.

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