First Linkage Between DPR and LPR Forces near Debaltsevo Reported



LPR and DPR report linking near Debaltsevo.

Internet report from LPR militiaman “Schastlivyy” [Happy]:

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

“We have made contact with DPR at Debaltsevo. We are
supporting them with artillery, we are receiving self-propelled howitzer and MRL
reinforcements. We can hear them and see them. We destroyed a couple of
Ukrainian fortifications in the last day.”

Translator’s Note: This is the first internet report of the two Novorossia forces making contact with one another at any point of the Debaltsevo pocket. It suggests that the Ukrainian forces are now fragmented. The gradual collapse of the Debaltsevo salient may be the reason for the recent frenzy of activity, including the uncoordinated Ukrainian attacks along the entire front, and the Verkhovna Rada declaring Russia to be an “aggressor.”

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